Speedball #3 (V1)

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Speedball #3 (V1)

The issue begins with Robbie still trying to catch Niels. A she jumps for Niels, a hammer barely misses him and the cat. The hammer turns out to belong to Claude. Robbie tells Claude that they’re supposed to catch Niels – not kill him.

The scene shifts and we see a man going by the name of Leaper Logan escaping from prison on a contraption he has made. The scene shifts to one week later, at a television show where Leaper Logan, now in his villainous costume, shows up and gets away with a small fortune, all the while speaking in odd, alliteration phrases.

At the Baldwin household, the parental figures dispute whether Leaper Logan is merely a misguided criminal or a complete, mad man. Robbie’s father accidentally strikes Robbie on the arm, nearly triggering his powers.

The next day, Mrs. Baldwin finds herself a victim of Leaper Logan; thankfully Robbie is there to see it and changes himself into Speedball and leaps at Leaper Logan. Leaper Logan manages to make his clean get away, using experience over Speedball.

At home, Robbie finds a list of things Leaper Logan has stolen; “Lodestone Gold Case; Ellison Earrings; Amazing Comics #1; Punjab Pendant; Ebar Emerald…” And suddenly Robbie figures out, he must be spelling out his “villain name” through the crimes he commits! But then that would “R” would be next – and just as he ponders what it could be, his mother calls out, “Rob… Justin, let’s do dinner!”

Robbie figures out that the next hit is going to be a collection of the oldest currency ever shopped by armored car; a collection of Roman Currency!

Speedball guesses right as Leaper Logan suddenly appears; but is tackled by Speedball. Leaper Logan scales a wall but Speedball is right behind him; Leaper knocks Speedball off, and this time Speedball uses his momentum to bounce from the floor, back up and above Leaper Logan, so he could use his weight to bring Leaper Logan off the wall. The two bounce and tumble around, until Speedball drops him off in front of some very stunned police officers.

The back story with this issue is called “Just For Kicks” and takes place at the high school. Robbie notices that David, once a friend, has become increasingly more mean every time Robbie was around Teri; always looking to make Robbie flinch or put him down.

The school welcomes the movie star, Chick Harris, known for all his karate like movies. Chick Harris gives a speech about the environment, before asking who would like to practice with him. David pushes Robbie forward, but Robbie declines. David quickly jumps at the chance to call Robbie a coward in front of Terri; but Chick Harris explains that actually Robbie is more courageous than most, because he declined in front of the whole gym. Robbie excuses himself to get some water and on the way back is bumped by several armed men who take Teri and Chick Harris hostage. Speedball leaps into action, and immediately Chick Harris joins the fight. Speedball is shot at – but much to his surprise, the bullet bounces off of him! He realizes how, perhaps just how invulnerable to harm he really is! Chick Harris and Speedball finish off all the would be terrorists – and Speedball makes a quick exit, afraid his powers would fade (since he has so little control) and it would be revealed who he really is!