New Warriors #6 (V2)

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New Warriors #6 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with the New Warriors arriving to put an end to the reign of terror that the deadly team of Mutant Force has brought upon the innocent people of New York City. The New Warriors quickly take down and make quick work of Mutant Force, handing them over to the authorities.

Turbo excuses herself to meet with Dalton for their date. As Turbo takes Dalton, they see what appears to have been an explosion underground. Landing to help those in need, Turbo goes down below to ensure everyone is all right. The instability below forces Turbo to call for backup from the New Warriors.

The scene shifts again, to the Firehouse that now houses the New Warriors base. Aegis checks on Lester and Payton who are customizing the paint job for the ship that Nova has given the Warriors as a form of transportation.

At a pub not too far, the news broadcasts the fight the New Warriors had with Mutant Force, and an all too familiar hand slams down a mug of mead with the resounding word of, “Zounds!” Leaving it to one person it could be – Hercules.

The scene shifts to Namorita carrying Bolt inside their apartment. Bolt is carrying on and on about how the press referred to him as “Bulk” rather than Bolt; and how the next thing that’s liable to happen is that they will call him “Jolt” from the Thunderbolts. Donna shows up at the apartment, and while Namorita takes off with Human Torch, Bolt tells Donna that he thinks he has a serious problem; that either the fight with Biohazard or the Legacy Virus has begun breaking down his skin on his back, and spreading.

Back to Turbo and Dalton down below the surface, when Subterraneans (also known as Moloids) appear. A man below panics, and draws his gun and begins opening fire on them. Dalton quickly subdues the man and takes the gun, with the intent on using it against Turbo later.

Namorita and Human Torch arrive on the scene. Human Torch uses his power to weld the hole so that it doesn’t cave in again.

Aboard Nova’s ship, Nova shows Speedball around when a transmission from Adora comes in, telling Nova that he is out of uniform. Realizing that it’s not a costume for Nova, but a uniform – Nova simply thinks about his original look and reverts back to the correct, classical outfit.

Back to Turbo and Dalton, Namorita and Human Torch help save the people trapped beneath. Human Torch explains that the Moloids have been looking for a new source of water and undoubtedly dug too close to the train. Namorita glances over at Dalton, noting to herself that there was something about him that she just didn’t like.

In Seattle, Washington we find Night Thrasher sneaking around the office of Daniel Rand, better known as Iron Fist. When an officer comes in questioning Night Thrasher, he simply explains that he must find Daniel Rand.

One last change of scenery and we have Turbo changing clothes to her regular street clothes and putting the Turbo outfit to the side, while Dalton waits. She smiles up and looks at him and says, “This is the real me! Hope you like it! I am not going to regret this am I?” And behind Dalton’s back, he holds the pistol he took when he subdued the man trapped below previously.