Nova #11 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

The issue opens with Sam and his mother visiting Dr. Kettlewell, because of Sam’s blindness. The doctor concludes that it is nothing more than an optical migraine that has caused this blindness. The doctor notes that Sam has recently had a concussion, and the additional stress in Sam’s life has undoubtedly led to this temporary blindness. The doctor asks if Sam has taken any additional hits to the head – and Sam thinks back to when he fought a giant robot, was zapped in the head, had been struck by floating debris, headbutted by Moffet, headbutt a Brood, hit by his locker, and sucker punched by Moffet in the back of the head. Despite all that, Sam declines taking any additional strikes to the head. As they leave, Sam’s mother tells the nurse to bill her – and explains to Sam that she will pay them later, just not today.

At school, Sam runs into Moffet who teases Sam about his father running out on him. Forty-five seconds later, Sam and Moffet are once again at the principal’s office. The principal informs Sam that he either joins the Chess Club, or he is on detention until he stops punching fellow school mates. In Geology class, Sam discovers that the lights he saw were actually something more – as he covers one eye – he discovers he sees spots in a specific pattern – like a map. After school, Sam attends the Chess Club. When Sam comes home, he finds his mom rushing him to babysit – since she has two different job interviews to go to. Sam puts his sister to bed, a little earlier than normal, and goes outside, as Nova to practice firing his beam. His mother eventually comes home, and checks up on him. After she closes the door, Sam changes into Nova and heads into space. He uses the light map he saw with his eyes to teleport to an unknown sector in space where he sees a beaming light. What he sees is the remains of a Nova Corp, with the golden helm, wrapped in webs. Just as he tries to untangle the corpse from the webbing, the very creatures that ensnared and killed the other Nova attack. Sam defeats the spider-like creatures and picks up the Nova Corps helm – which immediately transmits a message, saying that the helm belonged to K’thol. He sees that K’thol was evacuating survivors of a crash but returned to the planet to find one more – and sees the smaller spiders that Nova had defeated, attacking him. He explains that he’s been bitten and that his heart’s failing, but he will not give up. Then, a giant spider attacks and kills K’thol. Just then, Sam realizes that there must still be the larger spider left – and sees it just in time. He flies into the atmosphere and summons a large Nova blast that incinerates the spider.

Nova determines that all the “lights” he sees on his map must be signals being broadcasted from deceased Novas.

Deep in the Melovian Galaxy, a man by the name of Cadivan sits on his throne, a Black Corps Nova helmet next to him. Suddenly it glows, and Cadivan suggests that it means there most be more Novas, which means there’s more trophy’s to collect.