Nova (V7) #4

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Nova #2 (V6)

The issue opens up with Nova, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) facing off what appears to be the same exact subterranean creature that the Fantastic Four initially fought so long ago. However, before much can be done, the tunnel suffers another tremor, that begins to collapse the cavern on the head of the very monster who sought to devour them. Mole Man is disappointed that even the very subterranean beasts he once commanded, no longer seem to respect and obey him. He explains to Nova, that his own son seeks to see him destroyed. Sam goes after Mole Man’s son, Mole Master, and plows through some of his massive army, before being taken down and brought before Mole Master. Mole Master explains to Sam, that Mole Man had left him and his mother, to fend for themselves; and that’s why he was attacking Mole Man.

Mole Master cruelly teases Sam, about if he was going to cry next; and did he wish his father was here to wipe his childish tears away. Sam breaks free of his chains, but is attacked and restrained again. Mole Master says he’s had enough and moves forward – to what seems to be – to kill Sam; only Sam suddenly vanishes. Spider-Man pulls Nova away and explains that they’re in above their head. Ms. Marvel agrees, and explains, that for now – they have to leave things as they are until they speak to Captain America. Sam returns home, to find a note from his mother, that Sam’s sister is at the Peterson’s and that she, herself, had to leave for a job interview.

Sam goes up to his room, and in a fit of fury, throws his Nova helmet down, exclaiming how much he hates it…