New Warriors #10 (V4)

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New Warriors #10 (Volume 4)

The issue begins in the middle of a battle. The New Warriors seem to be battling a combination of robotic foes such as Sentry, Ultron, Destroyer, among others. During the battle, Wondra (who has gone through a costume change – for the better!) barks commands – such as telling Tempest to use the fire and ice powers to confuse her foes. We also learn that some (if not most) of the technology that Skybolt is using is based off the Turbo/Torpedo armor. We also learn that Ripcord’s armor has everything from the Frog’s springs, to Spider-Man’s webshooters, to Slyde’s armor.

This is the first time we see Renascence, formerly Windsong, in action. Other than an excellent use of guns, it’s unknown what Renascence’s armor allows her to do – if anything.The training sessions eventually comes to a wrap with Wondra nearly being taken out by one of the Iron Man armors.

Tempest questions why Renascence keeps looking at her watch – and Renascence informs her that she has to go to work to pay for the bills. Tempest inquires why she doesn’t stay at the New Warriors base – no bills to pay! – but Renascence explains that she doesn’t want to ever rely on the life of “being a superhero” ever again.

Down the hall Wondra explains that she is merely curious as to where Thrash goes when he’s not around, because it seems entirely too suspicious. Wondra tries to get Phaser on her side by mentioning the death of Longstrike – his sister. But Phaser explains that he is angry – but he also understands that it is a risk they all take – and it was an accident that cost him his sister’s life. Skybolt jumps in saying that Thrash is trying to form a family with all of them – but all Wondra wants to do is plant the seeds of dissension. Wondra then snaps back saying, “I was wondering when this was going to happen! When you guys would go all ‘Omega Gang’ on me!”

A quick fight breaks out that is stopped by Jono. A holograph of Night Thrasher appears, and he asks what the problem is. Wondra shouts explaining that she can’t take any more of the mysterious cloak and dagger act that Thrash is doing. Thrash pauses then says, “Fine, gather everyone in the War Room in one hour and I will explain everything.”

The scene takes a quick change and we see Midnight’s Fire spying on the villain known as Diablo.

Another scene shift and we see someone by the name of Seismic holding hostages within a building that is surrounded by police officers. Sykes and Givens show up and tell the police not to make a move – and that the Initiative is on the way. The leading officer seems dubious wondering why they can’t just have the snipers make their shot. They explain it is because no one knows what Seismic is capable of – power wise.

The officers ignore Sykes and Givens and give the signal to move in. Seismic sees this and shouts out loudly that they had been warned – and seconds later, there is a massive explosion.

Scene shift again – back to the New Warriors War Room. Everyone is gathered speculating who Night Thrasher could be – with guesses ranging from Synch, Dwayne Taylor, Bandit – and even the notion that the man beneath the Night Thrasher armor might not even be Afro-American.

Night Thrasher shows up saying that who he is – is not important. Why he was there – and the reasons behind the New Warriors – that’s what was important. First he explained why he had selected mutant who had lost their powers thanks to the events of M-Day. Night Thrasher explained, “Who better to handle these situations than ex-mutants who had already trained to face danger and fight from the shadows of the X-Men.”

Night Thrasher reveals a thing called Transmap – which not only tracks trans-, meta-, hyper- and super human around the globe – it also predicts their most likely actions; calculating possible scenarios based on an individual’s past machinations and forms a probable profile.

Wondra remains unconvinced – and when she draws the line for the others to choose between him and her – they all side with Night Thrasher. Night Thrasher begins talking about the next mission to take down Machinesmith – but Wondra walks off, not even saying a word.

Wondra enters the control panel area to confront Kaz, Aja and Grace. After slamming Grace and her “hip lingo” – Grace runs off, hurt. Aja then fills Wondra in – that Thrasher saved her. Aja informs Wondra that Grace, Kaz and himself were all runaways – and that Thrash had saved Grace just before she was about to turn her first trick – at the age of thirteen. Aja went on to say that Grace may not know who she is yet – but she was trying – and only because Thrash had saved her and gave her a chance.

The scene changes again, this time to Al’s Diner, where Sophia is greeted by Kat Farrell, an employee of the Daily Bugle – who tells Sophia she wants the real story…