Night Thrasher #20 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #20 (V2)

The scene opens with Dwayne and Elvin watching a movie at a theater. Dwayne excuses himself, barely able to tolerate the bad writing in the movie entitled “Ballistic Storm Rising.” When Dwayne tries to get Elvin to talk about the death of Granny Staples, Rage instead reacts with anger seething in his heart and bolts away from Dwayne – claiming that all criminals should beware!

Rage come across several drug pushers who approach a homeless, young boy and promise the boy food, shelter and a “better” life. Rage beats down the drug pushers and explains the intentions of the drug pushers.

Night Thrasher goes to the New Warriors for help tracking down Rage. Using their combined resources – they discover that a thug by the name “The Grind” is who Rage seems to be going after – an individual that resembles the bad guy in the “Ballistic Storm Rising” movie. They also learn that The Grind has a low level telepathic power that he uses to control all of his gang.

The scene shifts to Night Thrasher chasing down some of Mr. Grind’s gang members. Night Thrasher stumbles into an ambush and is eventually forced to retreat. He realizes that Mr. Grind’s typical customer is the high-price type. Switching his method to being Dwayne in search of “a good time” provided by Mr. Grind eventually leads him to the Hellfire Club and Shinobi Shaw, who comments on Dwayne’s excellent timing of purchasing Imperial Studios – the very company that produced Ballistic Storm Rising.

Elsewhere, Mr. Grind surrounds himself with his loyal minions and laughs – claiming to be prepared for Rage. However, Rage is smarter than Mr. Grind gives him credit for and comes from the basement and yanks Mr. Grind through the floor.