Night Thrasher #1 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #1 (V2)

The issue begins beneath the 59th Street Bridge, off the East River in Manhattan. Several members of the street gang known as The Poison Memories are running for their life; and they’re being hunted by none other than Night Thrasher.

Previously, Night Thrasher had hunted down the Poison Memories because Chord had been kidnapped. This time it is because the New Warriors have gone missing for over a week now.

Night Thrasher gets quick confirmation that Kimeiko Ashu is behind the abduction of the New Warriors, when one of them states that killing Night Thrasher would get Kimeiko off their backs, since Dwayne was the one that Kimeiko had wanted initially. Night Thrasher makes quick work of the Poison Memories, saving Johnny Lo, third in command. Night Thrasher forces Johnny Lo to talk, in exchange for protection; learning that none other than Kimeiko Ashu is hunting down the other members of the Poison Memories to prevent them from talking.

The scene shifts to Chinatown, where Kimeiko Ashu, Victor Hasayaba and Hnang. Kimeiko reveals that he has struck a deal with the weapons dealers known as Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) and has a suit of armor that strongly resembles Night Thrasher’s own. Kimeiko gives it to Victor to wear, and seek revenge on Night Thrasher.

The scene shifts once more to the Ambrose Building in upper Manhattan, and we see Night Thrasher return home where he is greeted by Andrew Chord asking him if he had located Silhouette Chord. Andrew Chord and Dwayne Taylor exchange a few harsh words before Sprocket comes along and interrupts them. Dwayne tells Sprocket to take the copter to the sky again and look for Rage, while he goes to “see an old enemy” about his friends.

Another scene to Chinatown, shows several members of the Poison Memories running for their life. This time, the one hunting them down is not Night Thrasher; but Victor in the armor closely resembling Night Thrasher’s. Victor dubs the name “Red Mirror” of Death. When Hnang tries to stop Victor, he – without a second thought – kills her.

At the former home of the Warrior named Rage, Night Thrasher examines the remains. This had been the first house and first casualty of the Poison Memories strike against the New Warriors. “Granny Staples” – Rage’s own grandmother was the first fatality in the bloody attack against the Warriors. As Night Thrasher debated shuffled through the broken remains of the home, his thoughts are interrupted by Gai No Don; a man who skirts both sides of the law; a former ‘owner’ of the Poison Memories; and a member of the Taylor Foundation Board. Gai No Don offers Night Thrasher the information he is looking for; in exchange for Night Thrasher “doing what is right” when the time came.

With Gai No Don’s information, Night Thrasher learns the location that the New Warriors are being kept. As he approaches, using stealth to the best of his ability; he is surprised to be confronted by Victor in the “Red Mirror” armor. While “Red Mirror” has the upper hand of surprise initially; Night Thrasher quickly turns the fight around using experience and knowledge, and hours of fine toned training and fighting skills. When Night Thrasher knocks “Red Mirror” off a ledge – “Red Mirror” manages to grab a line that prevents him from falling all the way. In a brief exchange of dialogue, Night Thrasher pleads to be allowed to help him; but once Victor learns the truth about the Poison Memories; he lets go of the line and is run over by the oncoming train.

Night Thrasher finds the rest of the Warriors and frees them; learning that Poison Memories has Speedball’s father and Nova’s brother still held prisoner somewhere else. The tale of Kimeiko Ashu continues (and concludes) in New Warriors (volume one) #38.

The issue contains a back story entitled “A Drop In the Puddle.” The story involves Night Thrasher visiting a young, nine year old boy in the hospital by the name of Jeff Walker. Night Thrasher reveals to Jeff what events led him to taking on the mantle and ID of “Night Thrasher.” Everything from the demise of his own parents, to Tai, and even the Star Thief. However, as Night Thrasher concludes his story to this poor, innocent boy who had been caught in the crossfire between two gangs; the boy is seized by a coughing spasm, and as he begins to finally die, he grabs Night Thrasher’s hand and asks that he go out and find every single one of them involved and to kill them; to kill them all.