TURBO (Mike Jeffries)

Turbo (I)

Real Name: Michael Brent Jeffries
Aliases: Mike Jeffries
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States Citizen with a criminal record.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Phillip Jeffries (Father, Deceased), Maggie Jeffries (Sister), Brock Jones (Torpedo, First Cousin, Deceased), Maggie Jones (First Cousin, Removed), Annie Jones (Second Cousin), Daniel Jones (Second Cousin), Neil Jones (Second Cousin)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors
First Appearance: New Warriors #28
Final Appearance: New Warriors Vol. 1 # 73
History: While in college, Mike Jeffries was desperately hoping to make a Halloween costumer for his good friend, Mickey Musashi, when he decided to go up in the attic, out of desperation, and found an old footlocker there. Cracking the footlocker open, he discovered the suit inside (unbeknownst to him the powers and history of the suit, having formerly belonged to Brock Jones – better known as the hero Torpedo). While Mickey used the costume for Halloween, she soon discovered the truth about the costume and the powers behind it. While Mike had been a comic book nerd, and wanted to be a superhero, Mickey simply used the suit as a means of getting around s quickly as possible (and visiting various exotic locations).

During the event of Forces of Darkness, Mike had donned on the Torpedo armor under the name of Turbo and fought along side the New Warriors, Avengers, Fantastic Four and even Spider-Man. Mike and Mickey then decided to “join” the New Warriors in order to get training using the Turbo suit. During their first training session, Cardinal and the rest of his team, called Air Force, attacked – and Mike, who was wearing the outfit at the time of the attack, was utterly humiliated.

Mickey was the one who had devised the plan that defeated Air Force, and after this, Mike decided to let Mickey have it so that she could officially become a member of the New Warriors.

Volx would eventually track down the Torpedo armor, which had belonged to her long time foe, and former off and on again partner, of ROM, the Space Knight. She would take on the form of Dan Jones (son of Brock Jones, the original Torpedo – though it’s unknown if she killed Dan Jones, or simply assumed his form; though with Dire Wraith, it’s always safe to assume the worse). As Dan Jones, she was able to get close enough to Mike Jeffries, whom she killed and assumed the form of.

As Mike Jeffries, she was able to trick the New Warriors into giving her the Torpedo/Turbo suit, which she then used against the New Warriors. She was defeated by the New Warriors, but seemingly killed by Night Thrasher (though she would appear alive again, several years later, only to die once more).

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 178 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Powers: Directed Wind Gusts, flight, turbine boosted attacks, armor is self-cleaning and can alter itself including color changes. The armor is also able to detect Dire Wraiths.

Accessories: None

Note: As a “comic nerd”, Mike was taking Mickey to a Halloween party, and he had already made his own hero outfit. He found the costume in the attic, and gave it to her, little knowing how close he had been to becoming a solo super-hero.