Nova #18 (V1)

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Nova #18 (V1)

The issue opens up with one side showing Fury and his men against the tidal wave threatening New York, the other side with Yellowclaw wishing to speak with Nova – while holding his Psychogun behind his back…!

One half shows Fury and his men attempting to stop the wave and seemingly being unsuccessful; while at the same time showing Nova being zapped by the Psychogun.

Reality seems to melt away from Nova as he sees a four armed monster punching at him; when it is actually Yellowclaw and his assistant. The whirlpool of haze Nova feels in his mind essentially becomes a real one; tugging him into a dimension that words could never hope to explain – until suddenly, without warning everything goes black.

Yellowclaw begins tampering with Nova’s mind – the world for Nova swirling in chaos – until suddenly he remembers where he is – Yellowclaw’s hand on his throat!

Nova manages to hit Yellowclaw and break his hold. Turning he sees Fritz Von Voltzmann and punches him as well. Fritz panics and begins to run – and in his haste, as he runs out the door – forgets that Yellowclaw’s ship is a flying one – and falls, to what would appear to be, his death.

Elsewhere, Fury is hit by the tide and washed into the ocean – and when he surfaces, he sees that his men have successfully battered down the wave – New York City is still going to get very wet – but the tidal wave was nothing more than a few rounds of large waves, and nothing more! Aboard Yellowclaw’s ship, Yellowclaw manipulates Nova into thinking he’s been consumed by fire – so Nova makes a quick escape and flies into the ocean. When he surfaces he watches Yellowclaw’s ship explode, concluding that he must have died in the explosion.

The scene shifts to Charles Rider standing before a judge who judges him free with no bond until his trial begins. Rich shows up just in time for that hearing much to the joy of his father, mother and brother! Later that night, Ginger shows up at the house and says that now she understands why Rich was acting how he was and forgave him. Ginger and Rich head to the Ice Cream parlor where they’re joined by Bernie and Caps – and all seems forgiven. At that same time, in the basement of Rich Rider’s home, his younger brother thinks about how his latest experiment will help him uncover his older brother’s secret!