Darkhawk #40 (V1)

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The issue begins with Chris and his family observing their new house being built. When Jason questions how they could afford it, Chris’ father explains how their mother, Grace, found a loop hole and found out legally, why the company would have to pay for their insurance, and emphasized that with a good education, these things can be done. Chris takes the comment as a blow to him, and the fact that he had been suspended from school. Chris’ father tries to explain that it had not been his intent, but Chris sulks away and leaves the festivities.

Chris collapses in an alleyway, where he is greeted by the man who confronted him last issue, about the multiverse needing to be saved from Ocsh. The man, Chris notices, has a black hawk tattoo type thing next to his eye.

The scene switches to space, namely the planet Garai, the home of the next amulet that Ocsh seeks. The next amulet sits on the depths of the ocean floor of the planet, causing the planet to quake and fall apart slowly, yet violently. Ocsh explains that Darkhawk’s power is limited only by his imagination. Using his imagination, Darkhawk creates a “dark hawk” composed of Darkforce energy from his amulet to propel him forward at incredible speeds. Darkhawk manages to make the “dark hawk” create talons that he uses to pick up the amulet. The planet ceases quaking once the amulet is captured within the containment device, and the aliens of Garai cheer Darkhawk as their hero and savior. By the time Darkhawk returns to the ship, he’s feeling extremely ill and can barely move.

On Earth, Chris calls the Radio Station, and learns that everyone is in a meeting, and leaves a message with Laura, the new intern that he will be out for a few days. Laura takes his message and promptly considers forgetting he ever called, just so she could have the inside track to his job. Cheryl, and the others, drive by and talk to Chris briefly, but he explains that he and Ned are working on something. Cheryl and the others leave, wondering what changed Chris awhile ago. “Ned” explains to Chris that the illness he feels is due to being separated from Darkhawk, and it will only pass when he dies.

In Space, Darkhawk is being healed and contacted telepathically by Evilhawk again. Darkhawk tells him to go away, as Ocsh explains that the next planet is Kei. The problem with Kei is that the people of the planet believe that the amulet was given to them by the gods, and that they will not easily surrender it. An alien by the name of Gavril is using it to “heal” people. The amulet duplicates Darkhawk’s amulet and cancels his ability to fly; but not his ability to fight or use the heat beams from his eyes. He dispatches the aliens quickly and recovers the amulet. On the ship however, Ocsh betrays Darkhawk as soon as he agrees to be “healed” and rips the amulet from Darkhawk’s chest, just as Evilhawk had warned him. Eviihawk tries to convince Darkhawk to join forces, but Darkhawk refuses. Darkhawk explains to Ocsh that there should be one more amulet to get, but Ocsh explains that he had one all along, since he was merged to the ship, he had used the amulet’s power.