Nova #25 (V1)

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Nova #25 (V1)

The issue begins with Sphinx, Doctor Sun, Crime Buster, Comet, Nova and Powerhouse in Nova Prime’s ship. Sphinx explains to Nova that Black Bolt had cast Sphinx into space, until he came across a small moon at the end of the galaxy that Earth is a part of. He goes on to explain how the immortality he had been given from the Ka Stone had become a curse; a curse he could never break until he learned the secret of the Ka Stone.

Sphinx felt the approach of Quasimodo and his ship. Sphinx summons the ship to the moon so that he could escape the moon and find Nova’s ship that had orbited the Earth. He discovered that Quadimodo had stolen the ship from the Fantastic Four, and found it ironic that the very team who had helped cast him into space – was the same team that had provided him a ship to escape the very exile they had placed him in. Using the ship he escaped the moon – and entered into Nova’s ship where he found everyone else.

Rich watches as Comet and Crime Buster talk about being reunited again. Nova thinks about how he would love to be with his family. His thoughts are interrupted as Doctor Sun and Sphinx begin to fight amongst one another. Nova tries to stop it, but gets tossed aside. It’s Powerhouse who stops the fight. But just as the fight stops – Diamondhead breaks into the scene. He hits Sphinx who is unmoved – and as an example of his power – shatters Diamondhead then pulls him back together. Before much else happens, Powerhouse informs the others that they’re under attack!

They find themselves under attack by Skrulls – and Comet, Nova, Powerhouse and Sphinx immediately respond. Powerhouse absorbs blasts from the Skrull lasers and then uses his power to make it explode. Nova sees him floating unconscious and believes Powerhouse to be dead.

Sphinx reveals that the computers at Xandar are his destination – even if he civilization itself is destroyed. Suddenly – the Skrulls turn around and flee – and Sphinx suspects they will be back with a larger armada of ships…

The adventure concludes in the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR (Fantastic Four #204 – #214; Vol. 1, March 1978 – Jan. 1979)