Real Name: Trey Jason Rollins
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student, Crime Fighter
Citizenship: American Citizen, with no known criminal record.
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors (formerly, inactive)
First Appearance: (Rollins) New Warriors v2 #0 as (Aegis) New Warriors v2 #1
History: Trey Rollins grew up in a gang infested area of Brooklyn where violence was a part of everyday life. Most notable were two rival gangs called Born 2 Die and Lobo’s Boys. On his way to school one day, Trey heard something and followed it to an abandoned warehouse where he found the golden breastplate of Aegis.

Trey took up the breastplate and waged his war against crime and gangs in the area, earning himself a reputation among the people as a hero. Sometime later, when the New Warriors engaged in a battle against Blaastar, Nova got knocked out, landing in front of Aegis. Two fans of Aegis, young men named Lester and Payton tell Aegis that he has to help the New Warriors against Blaastar. Nova comes back to the battle, carrying Aegis, who helps them fight against Blaastar, finally defeating him.

Aegis continues to fight along side the New Warriors, becoming a member of the young group. However, several times Aegis is pulled between his loyalty to his teammates and his loyalty to his friend, James, who has joined the Lobo’s Boys gang. One such decision nearly costs Bolt his life, when a roof collapsed, and Aegis chose to protect James, who in turn thanked him and the New Warriors by throwing a live grenade to escape.

James even lead Lobo’s Boys to the Crashpad, and with weapons supplied by Joe Silvermane, destroyed the New Warriors Crashpad headquarters. The Warriors are given a new headquarters at an abandoned Firehouse, supplied by Dalton, who in truth is Firestrike.

At a pub, Hercules sees a news cast of the New Warriors, along with Aegis, fighting Mutant Force. Recognizing the breastplate, Hercules makes a point of finding Aegis. Locating them at their Firehouse base, Hercules teleports the Warriors up to Olympus to accuse Trey of stealing Aegis. Trey explains he didn’t steal it and that he found it, which Zeus confirms. Athena arrives and explains that she left it for Trey to find, and that he would be her new selected champion. Then, with a wave of magic, Athena adorns Trey in a more appropriate outfit.

In the end, the Warriors decide that together, they will continue to fight the fight that other heroes refuse to fight.

For reasons yet unknown, when the New Warriors resurfaced some time later, Aegis was not a part of the roster. It could be speculated that he has returned to fighting the fight in the gang infested area of Brooklyn from which he got his start.

When the Registration Act was put through after the actions of Civil War, Aegis agreed and signed up.

Aegis later died during a fight with the Huntsman, when he jumped out of a twelve story window. Despite his faith and belief in Athena, the breastplate was unable to save Aegis. He was, however, later seen in Erebus (which was portrayed as a Casino), where souls seek a chance at winning a second lease on life. It was here where he joined Hercules in freeing Zeus from Hades’ imprisonment. After successfully saving Zeus, he follows Amadeus Cho to the Elysian Fields.

Height: 6′
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Powers: None

Accessories: The Aegis Breastplate allows Trey to use its power to deflect anything directed at him, so long as he is aware of it. It has been shown that he can be surprised by a hit from behind. The breastplate also enables him to control how the force field is to look, whether encompassing him, or projecting it forward in a rectangle format. The force field has withstood everything from gunshots, to high weapon technology guns, even to withstanding the powerful and brutal punches of the demigod, Hercules. So the limits in which the Aegis breastplate is capable of withstanding still remains unknown; although being a gift from the Greek Goddess, Athena, it can probably withstand just about anything directed at it.

Note: An interesting fact is that the same breastplate, according to Athena once belonged to Perseus, which was used to slay Medusa. Though Aegis is seen with the Breastplate in the after life, it was revealed that a physical version of it also exists.