Nova #17 (V2)

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Nova #17 (V2)

The issue begins with Adora being greeted by K’Renn, of the Shi’ar Empire, who urges her to sit down so that they can continue to discuss the politics. K’Renn asks if the matter with the terrain has been dealt with, and she assures him that it will be; though she is clearly sad for what is about to happen.

Elsewhere, not far, two of Adora’s men prepare a ship. Both Reban and Kanan seem happy about what they’re doing, but when Reban enters the ship; he’s confronted by a Dire Wraith, who immediately kills him and takes his place. When Kanan enters to check on Reban, Reban assures him he’s fine (though it is actually the Dire Wraith).

Elsewhere, far away, on the planet Mars, Nova stands in front of a cross he’s constructed; where he’s buried Nova 0:0. Nova sits there a moment, pondering the fact that in an alternate reality his brother Robbie was chosen to be Nova; and that, even if it isn’t his brother from this timeline, he still had to bury his own brother – timeline difference or not.

Nova flies back to Earth, where he’s hit with a dizzy spell; followed by a lack of control of his powers. He returns to the Crashpad and begins researching where Namorita could have disappeared. (For those who were not reading New Warriors – and you should read it, really – Namorita was abducted and brainwashed and disappeared in New Warriors #56).

Not far away on Mars, a figure lands where Nova 0:0 is buried. It pauses only for a moment, before taking off towards Earth. At the same time, Rich wakes up feeling ill; just seconds before the wall explodes. A figure wearing the Nova Corps outfit tells Nova that his time has come. When Nova asks if they have met before, the mysterious new figure confirms that they have; the figure is none other than Garthan Saal. Garthan Saal explains that he is there to replace Nova, and take his powers from him; by orders of Adora herself. Garthan Saal also goes on to explain that the closer he is to Nova, the faster he absorbs his powers, taking them from Rich. Nova allows himself to be hit through a ceiling; and when he doesn’t land, Garthan Saal realizes Nova has tricked him and used his time to make quick of his escape.

Nova goes to Firestar’s home, but discovers she’s not there. He realizes this is a battle he will have to settle himself; believing that Garthan Saal is power hungry again. Nova lands in a junk yard and charges a car up; then throws it once he sees Garthan Saal; so that Garthan Saal mistakes the energy signature to be Nova taking off. Nova then flies off the other way and makes it through the star gate, on his way to Xandar.

Garthan Saal, having chased the energy signature into the ocean, emerges swearing that he will take Rich’s life for tricking him yet again; and appears through the star gate just after Nova. Nova makes it to Adora, followed by Garthan Saal. Adora assures Nova that Garthan Saal is not insane; and that Nova is being relieved of his Nova Corp duty and powers, since he failed to answer the distress call that had dealt with Kraa; and that Garthan Saal was to be the new Nova Prime guarding the Terrain system.