Nova #15 (V5)

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Nova #15 (V5)

The issue begins with immense scouring beams cauterizing a planet so that the one known as Galactus can feed on the planet’s life force. For the most part, the people of this doomed planet have been able to escape thanks to the hero known as Nova.

Unfortunately for Nova, he is not so fortunate. In an attempt to beat an alien creature, Nova brought the alien directly under the blast of the escaping Ark Ship… Which resulted in the supposed shredding of the alien creature known as Harrow but at the same time had rendered Nova unconscious!

Coming to, Nova had discovered that Galactus had already begun devouring the planet which results in intense magnetic disruption fields, which prevents Nova from being able to successfully open a Star-gate to escape the dying planet’s fate.

Nova decides that there is only one possible chance left – using the siphons of Galactus’ ship to propel him off the planet and be spared its demise. Worldmind informs him that due to his folly, that he will be destroyed, along with everything that the Worldmind was. Nova tells him to be quiet and focus all gravimetric shields. With that last hope, he lunges forward through the siphons.

Nova manages to pull through and crashes on Galactus’ ship. When he comes to, he discovers that Worldmind has been shut down – and now there is a far simpler console within Nova’s armor and that Worldmind is inaccessible. Nova options for the limited console within his suit to do a scan to see who else is on the ship; which manages to detect both Galactus and Harrow. Surprised that Harrow is still alive, Nova has the console focus on his coordinates and flies to locate Harrow’s body deep down in Galactus’ ship, like a cockroach hidden beneath the floorboard. Harrow’s true form is that of a large insect, resembling a Brood, more than anything else.

Nova discovers that Harrow has been using a Cone of Psilence to keep his presence hidden from Galactus. Just as Nova decides to put Harrow out of existence – Harrow awakens and tries to seize Nova’s mind. Nova quickly has the inferior computer within his suit apply all power to the Psi-Shield to stop Harrow from doing just that. However, Harrow does manage to seize control of Nova’s mind because of the close proximity – and Nova sees everything that Harrow is. He learns that Harrow lives off of terror – and that stowing away on Galactus’ ship for ages was the perfect partnership for a parasite like Harrow – but Nova knows that Galactus is unaware of Harrow’s presence aboard his ship!

Nova manages to drag the fight to the top of Galactus’ ship where the fight is immediately broke up by a blast from none other than the Silver Surfer. When Silver Surfer asks what is going on – Nova explains who and what Harrow is. Silver Surfer blasts away Harrow’s Cone of Psilence, which makes Galactus aware of the creature’s presence, and with little more than fraction of a thought, Galactus incinerates Harrow, destroying him utterly. Nova fears that he’s next but finds himself teleported away with Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer gives the warning that Nova should be thankful and look to the future and ensure that his path does not cross the path of Galactus again, for he never spares anyone or anything, twice.