New Warriors #3 (V4)

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New Warriors #3 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with the mortician for the police squad examining the remains of Microbe, along with the costume of Night Thrasher and picture remains of Namorita. The remains of Microbe seem fully intact, except for missing an arm and a leg; while the remains of Night Thrasher seem… non existent. Namorita’s remains are explained as being taken by the Atlantean people, so only photographs are provided for Namorita’s burned remains.

Office Sykes asks if all of them present have been ID’ed and the mortician confirms it. When Givens asks about Night Thrasher’s body, since all that remains is the tattered pieces of his mesh outfit, the mortician confirms that the situation with “Night Thrasher” is a unique one.

He goes on to explain that he believes the body was essentially evaporated at the center of Nitro’s explosion. He also explains that what they found in the costume is inconsistent with what happened to the others that had been caught in the blast. He also explains that the bio-matter found in the costume seemed to be more seared flesh more than anything, explaining that a “whole body evaporation” and what was found in Night Thrasher’s armor is entirely too inconsistent to truly be believed. The doctor explains that Night Thrasher’s mesh outfit was composed of vibranium and that may have something to do with what little they found. But he goes on to explain that the DNA found within the mesh from the bio-matter also added to the puzzling mystery, because the DNA was broken down and incomplete. Something the mortician could not explain.

When Sykes asked if the mortician if Dwayne Taylor was dead, he simply replied, “In my expert opinion, yes; but I wouldn’t bank on it.”

The scene shifts to the New Warriors doing some training. We see Wondra leading them in the attack, and we learn the name of several other Warriors; Skybolt, Ripcord, Decibel, Blackwing, Tempest and Kaz. (Though through an online interview, we learn that one of them is going by the name Renascence).

Wondra calls off the training, which is taking place in an abandoned Murder World, formerly ran by none other than the villainous Arcade. She scorns the team for not working as a cohesive team. We learn that a young, small Asian descent character is the one that goes by the name Kaz.

The scene shifts and we see Tony Stark walking with Ms. Marvel – where they observe that their building has been tagged to read S.H.I.E.L.D. standing for “Stark’s Hopeless Initiative Empowers Losers and Dorks.”

The scene shifts again and we see Jubilee approaching Sophia. Jubilee begins talking about how being a New Warrior means that you can make a difference – with or without powers. She almost has Sophia convinced until Sophia points out that Jubilee used to be so lighthearted, and now she’s so driven and obsessed, having lost all the joy that had once made her such a wonderful person.

The scene shifts yet again, this time to the new Taylor Foundation where Sykes and Givens are questioning Donyell Taylor, the man formerly known as Bandit, and half brother to Dwayne Taylor. Donyell explains that he is no longer involved in the hero business and that he is an engineer and a philanthropist. He also goes on to explain he lost his legs in a car accident not too long ago.

When Sykes and Givens imply that Dwayne might be alive, Donyell doesn’t seem to believe it. Givens and Sykes inform Donyell that they plan on raking through his life and digging up every piece of information that they can that might link Donyell to the New Warriors organization and funding. Donyell tells them to stop a moment and he explains that he recently got a call about transferring some money to an off shore account, and when he refused, he found the money was transferred anyway. He explains that two people in this world had that access code; himself and, of course, none other than Dwayne Taylor.

The scene shifts again and we see Wondra talking to Blackwing, questioning the idea of Night Thrasher – a doubt placed there by Sophia, earlier. Blackwing explains that Night Thrasher has been straight with them and when Wondra explains he hasn’t removed his mask, Blackwing counters that it could be because his face could be all scarred up or disfigured from the Stamford blast.

At that moment, Wolverine shows up. Wondra and Wolverine exchange words for a brief time, and Wolverine leaves on the note that Jubilee should always remember who she is and what she’s fighting for if she wants to be true to herself.

The scene shifts again and we see an audio analyzer for the police department verifying that the voice is a 95% match from the phone call they got from the Taylor Foundation and the voice that was “Night Thrasher” on the television reality show, in his final moments before the Stamford incident.

As Sykes and Givens exit their office, there’s someone waiting there – warning them to stop digging up information concerning dead people.

That person is none other than Night Thrasher, apparently using the Pym Particles to shrink Givens and Sykes!