New Warriors #18 (V4)

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New Warriors #18 (Volume 4)

The scene opens with the future Night Thrasher defeating the Guardsmen of the United States. Unaware that it’s the future Night Thrasher, Blackwing says that he’s gotten better at fighting than before!

Night Thrasher responds, “The New Warriors? But young? Time Travel, I assume?” It’s when Night Thrasher sees Detective Sykes that he pauses and says, “I haven’t seen you since…” But he doesn’t finish his sentence. Instead he tells the other New Warriors to quickly follow him before more Guardsmen appear.

Night Thrasher then subjects them to a specific type of Pym Particle that places them in Night Thrasher’s base in Sub-Atomica. Night Thrasher alludes to that something had happened to Hank Pym as well and when pressed, he goes on to explain that the same thing happened to this world that happens to every world when a person gains absolute power and becomes absolutely corrupted. Eventually people who had even sided with Iron Man were banished to the Nth Dimension – because the only thing better than a world with trained heroes is a world with no trained heroes at all.

Wondra informs Night Thrasher that they’re not interesting in helping him and that they want to return back to their time. Night Thrasher explains that all that equipment was seized by Stark/Taylor and may not even work. Night Thrasher explains that they should stay and train with him to lead a rebellion against Stark/Taylor. Wondra declines and asks if Night Thrasher is going to help break into Stark’s building.

Night Thrasher chuckles to himself, claiming that sometimes he forgets because he had been wearing the mantle for so long. He removes the mask revealing that beneath the suit is neither Donyell or Dwayne Taylor – but Tony Stark himself!

Elsewhere, Night Thrasher manages to sneak into the Stark/Taylor building by using the Pym Particles to shrink himself. When he finally gets Iron Man alone he goes for the attack – but is blasted. Iron Man believes it to be the present world’s Night Thrasher, until Night Thrasher mentions “Stark” – and then Iron Man realizes what’s happened and stops Night Thrasher by removing his mask – revealing an older Dwayne Taylor!