Nova (V8) #1

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Nova #1 (V8)

The issue opens up with Rich Rider at home, where his mom reveals to him that his father had recently passed away. Rich apologizes and wishes that he could have been there; and just then, in the mirror, Rich sees a decaying version of his mother and momentarily freaks out, apologizing to his mother, that the “whole resurrection thing takes it out of you.” He then asks his mother who it was that returned his helmet to her.

The scene shifts to Sam Alexander, as Nova, fighting off an entire horde of Sidri aliens, which had infected Ego, the Living Planet. The Sidri Hunters seem to be overwhelming Sam, until he gets an idea. Sam grabs a floating boulder and slams into into the surface of Ego the Living Planet, and after seeing the Sidri are defeated, leaves back for Earth. Sam flies home, just in time for breakfast, before leaving again; where he thinks about how he had quit the Avengers and joined The Champions. He lands at school and switches out of his Nova costume, only to realize he had no clothes. He’s spotted by the new girl, and has an awkward moment with her while his friend looks on. He goes to approach her later, and the comic then flashes into a very cartoony look of what if every villain in the world suddenly showed up and Nova had to fight them for her affection. Sam finally snaps out of it and manages to get her first name (Lina, though he accidentally calls her Lisa), when his helmet begins to beep. He promptly leaves and sees that the Nova Helm has detected another; which Sam assumes to be his father (but is actually Rich Rider). Rich is flying as Nova, when he suddenly loses consciousness, and a black energy with thousands of purple eyes, can be seen being emitted from him.