Nova #18 (V5)

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Nova #18 (V5)

The issue opens up with Darkhawk in the middle of combat with the Skrulls within Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. – and just when things seem to be going back from him – Nova and an energy form of Quasar arrive and help turn the tide of the battle!

At the same time within the Project’s Primary Lab Decks, Director Gruenwald is trying to figure what Doctor Necker and Robbie have done – when suddenly a holographic projection of WorldMind appears telling them to be silent so that he can gather his “thoughts” and piece together what is happening since there is clearly pertinent data that is missing from the time he had gotten shut down to now, that he has rebooted.

Quasar, in his new energy form, realizes he’s quite capable of numerous feats, realizing that when he had tried to Quantum Jump out of Annihilus’ grip – his body must have died but his mind survived the experience. Quasar instructs Nova to protect himself, Darkhawk and the Giardsmen as the Skrulls descend on Quasar. Then, in a bright flash of light – Quasar incinerates the Skrulls, but in the process disappears as well.

WorldMind gets in touch with Nova and instructs him that there are Skrulls right beneath them. At that moment, the Skrulls lunge through the floor and grab Darkhawk as Nova tries to free them. WorldMind then seizes control of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. despite Director Gruenwald’s protests. Worldmind simply states, “Far better me to seize control than the Skrulls.” Once in control, WorldMind unlocks the Vaults so that they can access the weapons. WorldMind then activates the Minion Project – the machines that Robbie had been working on and sends them to assist. With the arrival of the Minions, the Skrulls begin a retreat – but WorldMind informs them not to be so eager, since he is also receiving the exchange from the Skrull Commander, who has let it be known that if Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. can not be captured then it is to be destroyed.

Outside, a large Skrull Warship reigns down fire power on Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. – but before Nova and Darkhawk can do anything – the ship suddenly begins to explode – five figures emerge from the destruction – five, somewhat familiar figures – the beginning of the new Nova Corps!