New Warriors #6 (V3)

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New Warriors #6 (Volume 3)

The scene opens in Smyrna Delaware, the city noted as “one of the country’s nicest towns.” When anger, frustration, and generally bad attitude sweeps through the small town, we learn that “John Peabody” the town’s mayor is none other than The Corruptor.

When the Warriors arrive in the small town, they do so by getting into an automobile accident. When the elderly person whom they collided into comes out with a crowbar and begins beating Speedball with it – Speedball, uninjured thanks to his powers, returns to the automobile and tells them to drive away.

The Warriors finally find Ashley at a small diner, where he explains that the town has elected The Corruptor as their mayor. In order to remove him from office, they will have to find evidence of a “super villain” plot to prove that he’s done something wrong to the town. (Meanwhile in the background as they’re talking, people and animals are fighting, and people are being generally rude to one another). Normally Corruptor would need to make physical contact with the people to influence them in such a manner; so they realize there must be something that he’s doing to cause such a wide scale effect throughout the small, once peaceful, town.

The Warriors sneak into the manor and learn that The Corruptor is actually harvesting his sweat glands by running on a treadmill. From there the Warriors uncover his small greenhouse which houses his new plant, ‘The Orchidius Corruptus.’ When The Corruptor arrives inside the greenhouse he makes the Warriors start fighting amongst themselves, all except Microbe, who expressing being ill. As it turns out Microbe’s germs were fighting the effect of the Corruptor and in the process making him sick. Corruptor begins to explain that since the accident that turned him into the Corruptor, he has never known love, passion, tenderness; because his powers make it so that anytime he gets close to someone, they fall victim to his powers, turning them hateful and spiteful.

When Microbe figures out that Corruptor needs a hug, he does so, sending them both shattering the glass of the greenhouse. With the fresh air sweeping throughout the greenhouse, the other Warriors come to their senses and The Corruptor is defeated and implicated in the plot against the city.

Ashley then arrives and informs the New Warriors that they are on “hiatus.” The Warriors realize that he means the show has been canceled. Nova gives Debrii a lift back to her home in New York, while the other Warriors sit around and try to decide what they should do from here.