Nova #9 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

NOTE: This issue is a tie in to the INFINITY cross over.

The scene begins with Sam (Nova), Robbie (Speedball) and Vance (Justice) arriving at Sam’s house. Sam smells something burning and rushes into the house to see that the oven is on fire. As Robbie and Vance tend to the grease fire, Sam runs into the house screaming for his little sister, Kaelynn – and finds her asleep in Kaldera’s arms, while his mother is bound and gagged, connected to some device in Kaldera’s hand. Kaldera explains that she prefers to end this the way that she has loved – no Nova force, no weapons – merely hand to hand combat. If Sam wins, she leaves; if he loses, she cuts off his head and takes it with her.

Sam agrees to this and he and Kaldera begin fighting outside. It’s hardly a battle, as Sam is not an experienced warrior, while Kaldera is. When Kaldera pauses to comment on his lack of warrior training, Sam explains he doesn’t like fighting bullies – and that’s exactly what she is. So he calls for Plan B, which summons his helmet to him and turns him into Nova. He quickly blasts Kaldera who is furious that he has broken his word, and moves to free his mother. Nova rushes at her just as she activates the teleporter that takes them to the Slaughterhouse on Thanos’ ship. It is there that Nova sees the helmet of another Black Nova, that Kaldera explains was a Garlon from Centrifix IV that she killed. However, at that moment, the helmet transmits data into Sam’s helmet.

Nova then knocks her out for calling his mother a cow. Kaldera’s care taker arrives and quickly teleports Nova back to Earth.

Sam comes home and finds that Vance is cleaning the oven that had been on fire, while Robbie plays with Kaelynn. They all cheerfully greet him, and his mother says, “Now everyone come inside and I will make dinner. And Sam, you can tell me about this new team you’re on.”

Back on Thanos’ ship, Kaldera is condemned to a life time in the Midnight Sphere, where she will never die, but be eternally tortured, for failing to kill Nova, and yet still surviving the experience.