Nova #5 (V5)

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Nova #5 (V5)

The issue opens with Phalanx landing on Drez-Lar, the evacuated Kree fringe world. One of the Phalanx known as Select Lightstorm leads a set of ground troops, reporting to Gamora. However, Select Lightstorm’s troops are almost immediately attacked – and by something moving so fast that they’re unable to track it. In the first attack, two of Select Lightstorm’s troops are destroyed. The next wave destroys another two. The next wave destroys another three, until only Select Lightstorm himself remains.

Gamora demands that Select Lightstorm report what he sees. He’s never given the chance.

The scene shifts to the source of the attacks – the Kree known as Ko-Rel. She returns back to her people and is greeted warmly – though, the people are somewhat surprised by her new attire. She joins Chief and Flagpole who are both watching over what was once the near skeletal remains of Richard Rider – but she sees now that his body is glowing, and despite multiple skeletal fractures, organ failure, fifth degree burns over 95% of his body – he was actually healing.

Ko-Rel informs Chief and Flagpole that the Phalanx are about – and that Flagpole should get a defense team ready – condition red. She takes this time to explain to Chief that the Nova Suit and powers were thrust upon her. Once again, there is a hint about her son – and using the powers to save him – but Worldmind prevents her.

The scene shifts to outside, where one of the sentry guards are attacked by the Phalanx. The Phalanx quickly make their way inside the ship, slaughtering all who stand in their way – with no remorse, no regret, and no second thoughts.

Worldmind begins insisting that Ko-Rel move to protect Nova Prime, Richard Rider, but instead – she bursts through the ship and flies into the atmosphere, demanding that the Worldmind open a link to the channel and frequency used by the Phalanx. She then taunts them and tells them to come after her – which they do.

All save one.


Gamora moves inside the ship, knowing that Ko-Rel is using it as a ruse to get the Phalanx out of the ship – and away from both Richard Rider as well as her own people.

As Chief rummages through the survivors of the attack, he comes across Flagpole who did not survive.

Gamora sees this and smiles. Moving on.

She comes across two guards and quickly silences them – permanently. She does the same to a single guard, then three other guards – killing without remorse, and without effort.

She comes across the Chief, and moves behind him – driving her dagger through his back, and letting him crumble to the floor. She then smiles as she finds Richard Rider, leaning over, kissing him – and making him one of the Select.

One of the Phalanx.