Nova (v7) #10

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Nova #10 (V7)

The issue opens up with Sam at school, and when he meets up with his friends, they approach him with the notion that they know he’s actually Nova. Sam denies it, and though he hates lying, knows that he must keep the secret. Sam gets a tip that there might be someone who could help him, and flies to a distant planet where he seeks out Monark Starstalker. Sam finds him, after being directed by an alien bouncer, in the back alley in a dumpster. Sam explains that he needs to find the source of his helmet’s power, and Monark explains he can’t help. Sam goes on to say that Iron Man will take away Monark’s spaceship, that Tony gave him, and Monark’s tune changes to one that promises to help Sam. However, just then the latest version of Smasher (a human named Isabel Kane) and the latest surviving member of the race known as Lupak, that has adopted the name Fang, of the Imperial Guard, seek to arrest Monark. Monark blasts them and he and Sam begin to flee.

Sam asks what it is Monark did, and he explains that his ship was depleted of power, so he leeched some from a Shi’ar power station; but something had gone wrong and he ended up shorting out the entire Shi’ar power station. Sam distracts Smasher and Fang long enough for Monark to get to his ship. Sam blasts Smasher and escapes into Monark’s ship.

Monark leads Sam to where he got some unusual readings; and when Sam flies out to check, he’s suddenly overwhelmed by a thousand images, as the WorldMind makes itself known!