Darkhawk #38 (V1)

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The issue begins with Darkhawk and St. Johnny traveling through several dimensions during their journey to save the multiverse. While it only takes a few moments to travel, Daqrkhawk can’t help but feel that somehow he’s being used again. They manage to come to the Darkhawk Ship. Inside, St. Johnny discusses how he died and was reborn aboard the ship. They are greeted by a holographic version of Ocsh, who informs them that he is battling Evilhawk on several planes and has thus far been victorious. Darkhawk sees his body as Chris Powell hanging there, knowing that his body switched places with the Darkhawk self. St. Johnny gives Ocsh the Evilhawk amulet he took from Avengers Mansion previously; Darkhawk tries to stop Ocsh, unsure if Evilhawk has already taken over, but attack drones drain Darkhawk and prevent him from being able to act.

Ocsh explains that there are six Amulets in all. Darkhawk has one, and Evilhawk was another, and then he points to an alien who remains in a stasis field. He goes on to explain that two were destroyed during a mutiny on the ship, and the last, Ocsh assumes, was also destroyed. Ocsh explains that all the remaining amulets must be brought together to ‘heal’ them. Ocsh goes on to tell Darkhawk that there may be a way to have Darkhawk and Chris Powell to both exist at the same time. Darkhawk agrees to the process, and Ocsh manages to pull it off – so that both Darkhawk and Chris Powell both exist.

Suddenly, Chris appears back on Earth, in their old home, where he finds his two younger brothers. Aboard the Darkhawk ship, St. Johnny suddenly finds himself under the control of Dargon Bokk – Evilhawk! – and attacks Darkhawk while Ocsh is distracted. Darkhawk and St. Johnny battle one another, and in the end, Darkhawk is forced to save St. Johnny – and in the process is overwhelmed with power, which results in Darkhawk’s form changing completely, to a more sleek version. A portion of the ship explodes, sending Darkhawk to float in the Null Void.