New Warriors Annual #3

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New Warriors Annual - #3

This issue opens up with Henrique Manuel Gallante, better known as Darkling, once dependent on drugs; released that inner darkness within his own twisted soul, unaware that he was a mutant with the ability to tap and control the energy from the Darkforce Dimension.

Taking on the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the New Warriors; Darkling proves to be an incredible challenge; throwing Thing into some cars, forcing Crystal to use her powers before they toppled over unto people, like a metallic tidal wave of destruction.

The Warriors realize they must stop Darkling before his madness consumes the city. Firestar and Speedball make every attempt to stop Darkling, but within the confines of his twisted mind, even the most logical statements fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile the scene takes a quick shift, so that we see Doctor Strange trapped within the Darkforce. He then releases the Eye of Agamotto to see if there is anything that might be able to tilt the balance back in favor of the heroes.

Another scene shift and we see Andrew Chord doing physical therapy, to recover from a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. As he works out, unbeknownst to him, portions of the Darkforce enter the room. Sprocket knocks him over and saves him from being consumed by the Darkforce. She tells Chord that she won’t leave him to be consumed. The Eye of Agamotto sees what it needs – an act of compassion.

The Eye of Agamotto moves on to find Kimeiko and Hnang talking. While Hnang tells Kimeiko that what he plans with Poisoned Memories is wrong, Kimeiko explains that what Night Thrasher did is inexcusable and impossible to forgive. The Eye of Agamotto moves on finding what it needs; a heart so full of hatred and poisoned by anger that it lacks all form of compassion and forgiveness.

The Eye of Agamotto moves to the apartment lived in by Robbie Baldwin and his mother, Maddie Naylor. Carlton LaFroyge enters the apartment looking for Robbie, when he sees the Darkforce has captured several people within the apartment. Trying to find a way to help, several shelves fall upon him; but one of the things to fall out is a picture of Speedball.

The scene shifts again, this time to Nova and Dagger, where Dagger explains to Nova that even if it costs her life, she is perhaps the only way to stop the Darkforce from consuming the entire city. The Eye of Agamotto leaves, having seen what it needs; two young hearts that refuse to surrender no matter how dark the future may be.

Down below, Thing and Rage continue to fight while Darkhawk tries to take on Archangel, with Firestar fighting a possessed Shroud. Mikey, as Turbo tries to fight Namorita, who shows no signs of mercy, and nearly kills Turbo, if not for the timely arrival of Spider Man. Sersi then attacks Spider Man.

It’s Firestar who finally takes to the skies and cuts loose on her power; the blinding light frees all of those ensnared by the Darkforce’s influence; rendering Enrique momentarily stunned. Namorita, understandably angry, punches Henrique. Silhouette stops her, stating that Namorita has no idea what she endured; claiming that with the Darkforce, Henrique enabled Silhouette to walk again; but she had no control over her legs, or any movement.

At that moment, Dagger and Nova arrive, sending one of Dagger’s “light blades” into Henrique’s eye. He buckles over, explaining that he needs the Darkforce, because it is the only thing that has ever “cared” for him; always there for him; never betrayed him or hurt him; made him feel powerful, made him feel special.

Doctor Strange then arrives and uses the Eye of Agamotto to show Henrique what people have to offer in times of darkness; all the information it had just collected. And perhaps, for the first time in Henrique’s life, he feels the soft touch of hope.

But he suddenly breaks away and summons all the Darkforce back into himself; he does tell them all that he had learned one thing – control. The ability to better control the Darkforce and how he can use it for good. And with that, he departs.

Sub Stories and Extras: Also within the annual is a one page advertisement for both Night Thrasher and Nova. Another sub story includes Speedball dealing with a school bully; embarrassed that he doesn’t fight back because the fight would be unfair. A girl named Brittany watches as Robbie gets a drink dumped on him. Walking away and cursing himself for looking like “a wuss” in front of Brittany, he’s surprised to find her talking to him; and when he asks her to go grab a bite to eat with her, and she agrees! Another sub story revolves around Mikey taking on Weapon Y who threatens to harm Fabian Nicieza, and manages to defeat Weapon Y.