New Warriors #16

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New Warriors #16 (Volume 1)

Ground War.

He is the one to blame for the beginning of the New Warriors, and his name is Terrax. We kick off this issue with his return to Earth, and none too happy about his defeat at the hands of the New Warriors! Terrax now unleashed, begins his rampage against the Earth, leaving in his wake, a catastrophic disaster. Mr. Rosen explains that Terrax took Harmon’s body as a host! Psionex departs, leaving the mess, except for Mathemanic and Impulse, who both agree to help the New Warriors put a stop to Terrax’s reign of terror.

Attempting the same trick they used previously, Nova and Namorita try to swoop in and separate Terrax from the ground – he unfortunately, has learned from his past mistakes, and sends an electrical discharge that momentarily stuns Nova and Namorita. Firestar is the next to move in, blasting him with her microwave powers; which he in turns absorbs, and sends a blast back at her, which Marvel Boy barely manages to deflect with his telekinesis shield. Night Thrasher manages to slap an explosive that stuns Terrax momentarily; which Impulse tries to capitalize on – but despite Silhouette’s screams, Impulse charges, and in turn, gets his back, brutally snapped in half by Terrax!

Interlude: Riker Island Prison.

As Midnight Fire does one armed hand stands, an essence of blackness suddenly appears. A man, with black eyes, with white pupils, calling himself Left Hand. When Midnight Fire’s cell mate tries to gut Left Hand, he blasts him with a thick, black ray, that immediately kills the fellow cell mate. After mentioning Dwayne Taylor, Midnight Fire takes the deal, and departs with the Left Hand, through the darkness once again.

The New Warriors repeatedly attack Terrax, which he manages to brush off with little trouble – until he hits Speedball with such force, that he sends Speedball into a water pipe, where he bounces, and continues to bounce, each time increasing the kinetic energy three times over, until the pipe bursts, and Speedball strikes Terrax with more force than perhaps Thor’s hammer! It is the first time, Speedball learns to manipulate his kinetic energy as a form of attack. The punch, incidentally, throws Terrax across the river and into a building, clear on the other side!

When the New Warriors are out of ideas, Nova suddenly flies off. Night Thrasher convinces Mathemanic to do something. Mathemanic attempts to slow Terrax down, by causing a neural delay; however, Terrax counters and sends the earth crashing around them. Marvel Boy and Namorita charge, but are easily swatted away like flies. He looks at the carnage and picks up Firestar’s body, ready to snap her neck, when a blast strikes him from the back. When Terrax turns, he sees Nova and Speedball, along with the Fantastic Four – all armed to the teeth with very big guns…!