New Warriors #17

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New Warriors #17 (Volume 1)

Sore Winners.

We get the opening page with The Fantastic Four, along side with Nova, armed to the teeth with extremely large guns, that would even put someone like Cable to shame! But Terrax is less than impressed. He suddenly whips up all of his energy and unleashes it in one powerful swoop of his weapon. When the flash clears, the Fantastic Four and Nova still stand, completely untouched.

The Invisible Woman explains that he force field is what stopped his blast. The FF, along with Nova, then unleash on Terrax with their weapons, having Terrax at a disadvantage, until he finally uses the very earth itself to attack the FF and Nova!

An innocent boy, caught in the wave of destruction nearly falls to his death, until Night Thrasher catches him and tells him to run – and keep running. Meanwhile, the FF and Nova, keep pounding away at Terrax with their weapons, which Reed explains, will force Terrax to use up his own cosmic energies, draining him.

The New Warriors move to begin rescuing the innocents from the ensuing damage and rubble from the battle with Terrax. Through the onslaught, Terrax manages to bust a water pipe, which puts the Human Torch out of action, only to be saved by his sister, the Invisible Woman. Terrax, through the battle points out, due to his merging with the human body, he is unable to leave the planet, and thus will break the planet, and render it apart, until all follow the word and law of Terrax. Firestar finally shows up and cuts loose with all her power and begins to actually hurt Terrax. Namorita shows up and strikes him from behind, until he crashes down. When he stands, the Fantasic Four and New Warriors are joined by a very special someone. Someone that immediately strikes terror in Terrax’s heart…
Silver Surfer.

In a blinding flash of light… the battle is over. Both Nova and Night Thrasher, despite their differences, do agree in one place. Both are upset that they needed help from the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, once the storied “Slaughter House of the World”, in some ways, little has changed…

We see a man, rather large in size, wearing an unusual type of sunglasses, beating a man. Just then, darkness fills one end of the corner, and Left Hand appears. With one blast, he takes out the boss, the turns to the man doing the beatings, telling him, he will promise him, power, knowledge and much more. The large man agrees, and takes up the name Bloodstrike.

We cut back to Silver Surfer who leaves Terrax on a world mostly composed of water, save for the small piece of land he is currently on with is no larger than the smallest island of Hawaii!

Cutting back again, we now find ourselves in Nova’s home, where his parents confront him and tell him how proud they are of his powers, and what he’s done – but then, they add – with him flying in and out of the window, they fear someone might see and endanger his family.

We now go to Taylor Foundation, where Night Thrasher and Sil enter. As soon as they walk in the door, Chord is snapping at Thrash telling them they are late for a meeting. When Sil tries to speak up, Tai snaps back that it is not her place to speak of such matters. Thrash agrees to go to the meeting, and we see Tai and Sil exchange a set of very dirty looks to one another, that speaks all too clearly of their hatred.

We cut to the hospital, where we learn that Marvel Boy has fractured his arm, and cracked a few ribs. Namorita shows up and tells them to follow her. They check up on Mathemanic, who is in a body cast, having broke more bones than Marvel Boy. Namorita also informs that Impulse is in far worse condition, and to make matters worse, has several warrants for his arrest, so police will be taking him away as soon as he is healthy. But the real person Namorita wants to show is the pregnant woman Marvel Boy had helped save. She names the boy after him, giving the boy the name of “Vance Guillermo De Jesus Arranaga.” And with that, the three of them leave the hospital, feeling much more the heroes they were, only several seconds before.