New Warriors #21

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New Warriors #21 (Volume 1)

Geneva, Switzerland. The main location for Project: Earth. They say they want to protect the world, but they borderline terrorism. In a few short moments, their lives are about to change.

Left Hand, along with this new team he calls The Folding Circle, appears in the center of Project: Earth’s office. Left Hand demands Firewall, who appears. Min Li Ng takes agrees to go with Left Hand, and as quickly as they had come, the Folding Circle was gone.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, New York Firestar arrives in Namorita’s apartment, where Namorita tells Firestar that Vance, better known as Justice, has been arrested for aggravated assault. The Warriors later meet up at Saugerties Criminal Courthouse. There, they meet with Franklin “Foggy” Nelson. It is there that Firestar reveals that she knew Vance did not get along with his father. Foggy informs them that they could use that bit of information to possibly help in Vance’s case. Vance appears with a broken arm, a broken nose, and an eye swollen shut. He goes on to tell them that his father had hit him, and that he was about to him again, when he used his powers. He also admits that he meant to shove his father away; just not as hard as he had done. That is also where they meet Racheal Dreyfuss, the lawyer opposing them.

Mt. Sinai Hospital, we find Silhouette talking to Chord. Chord, who had attempted to take his own life and was deep in a coma. Unknown to Sil, Tai had been watching in the shadows (or suddenly appeared from the shadows) and confronted Sil!

Meanwhile, bouncing now to Hong Kong, the Taylor Foundation branch there is getting a visit from Dwayne Taylor; but in his outfit as Night Thrasher. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one there. Just as he begins downloading information about the Taylor Foundation into his armor, he is attacked by the Folding Circle! He quickly takes out Smiling Tiger by smashing his face into the ground; then takes out Bloodstrike by forcing him to breathe chloroform; a billy club to Firewall’s chin all seems to indicate Night Thrasher is a man capable of taking care of himself. When he easily dodges a blast from Left Hand, he however, encounters a harsh kick to his back from Midnight Fire himself! With repeated kicks and punches, Midnight Fire defeats Night Thrasher. When a guard bursts through the door, and Bloodstrike accidentally snaps his neck, a strange pattern appears on his chest, apparently making him more powerful than he was before!

Meanwhile, back to the hospital with Tai and Sil. Tai goes on to say that Sil’s parents aren’t – or weren’t dead – as Sil had gone on to believe. Tai goes on to say that she had to just kill Sil’s mother; then revealed how that would upset Chord; only because it had been Chord’s wife; making Sil Chord’s daughter. But the greatest shocker comes when Tai says: “… It was very difficult… you see when I killed your mother, I was also forced to kill my only daughter!” Implying that Tai was Silhouette’s grandmother! Of course the knowledge would do her no good, as Tai blew her right out the window in a massive explosion!

Meanwhile, Saugerties Hospital the fight for Arnold Astrovik’s life finally comes to an end, when a doctor reveals there was nothing they could do to save his life… and now, the charge has gone from aggravated assault… to murder!