New Warriors #24

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New Warriors #24 (Volume 1)

The scene opens with a battle between the Folding Circle and The New Warriors. Tai tells Left Hand that if any of the Folding Circle hopes to leave, that the New Warriors must die in their place. Though Left Hand is reluctant to believe her, he agrees and proceeds to attack the New Warriors. Darkhawk and Smiling Tiger go toe to toe, while Bloodstrike takes on Rage, followed by Midnight’s Fire going after Speedball. However, it is Silhouette who gets the drop on Midnight’s Fire while Nova takes to the air and fights Silk Fever, recognizing her as Firewall, from the previous team of Forces of Nature. When Nita takes on Thrasher he tells her, after listening to Left Hand, he realizes what’s important to him – so with a hard toss from Namorita, Thrash flies and kicks Left Hand in the face, rendering him out cold. Then with a throw of his stick, it strikes Silk Fever upside the head, knocking her out in one fluid motion. The tide quickly turns in favor of the Warriors, when Sil shocks Midnight’s Fire with a taser from her crutch. Speedball follows up by building all his kentic energy into one punch that lays Bloodstrike out cold, and Darkhawk walks up and drops off Smiling Tiger, leaving the Warriors victorious.

However, before the Warriors can attack Tai ensnares them, and informs them that she had Dwayne’s parents killed because it would eventually lead to the creation of the New Warriors.

Back to the courthouse, Ben Grimm, better known to the world as the Fantastic Four’s teammate, Thing is called. Foggy asks how Vance and Thing met, and Ben Grimm explains that Vance was running away from home because he was being beaten. When Foggy returns to Vance’s side, Vance informs Foggy that they should call on Captain America; and Foggy shakes his head and informs Vance that, that isn’t a good idea because the Warriors had just stolen a Quinjet thirty hours ago! Instead, Foggy calls to the bench, Vance’s mother, Norma Astrovik.

Back to the Cambodian Jungle, where Tai continues to explain everything. “Andrew Chord tried to stop Conry, Mack and Ng from foolishly charging me; but they did not listen. And thus, they were easily rendered unconscious when I drew on the power of the Well. How did all this come about you may well ask. Well, this region of the planet has long been a source of inter-dimensional intervention. Artifacts, whose origins are unknown have been found and hoarded for centuries from the northern reaches of Mongolia to the southern tip of Indonesian Islands. Their names are whispered legends, spoken in alcohol soaked fear – Faltine, Cyttorak, Munnipor, Agamotto. It started with the Well of All Things – a hole in the ground from which the strength of dragons poured through. My ancestors, who had been nomadic before discovering the Well settled here and spent decades constructing this temple around the dimensional breach. And the word has taught that through careful planning and breeding. One day, the disciples of the prophecies would control the incredible energies of the well. Centuries of meticulous breeding followed. Mates were chosen based on linened abilities and affinities for the mystical ways. We lived an isolated secure existence. Safe in the knowledge that our society was working towards a worthwhile goal – the Eventual Domination of the World! My generation gave birth to children better able to access the Well’s energies. We grew up knowing we would be the ones that would bear the Children of the Pact. I gave birth to Miyami after the events you called World War II. The other mothers followed suit. Our daughters would grow to mate with men from the east. We did not know when, why, whom or how – we just knew why – to give us unlimited power! I however, chose not to share that power, and went on to slay all that would oppose me. leaving me as the sole potential recipient of the Well’s upcoming fortunes!”

Thrasher asks why Tai waited so long to kill his parents, and Tai tells him, “I will give you that truth, if you give me something – the New Warriors – for them to fulfill their original purpose as sacrificial lambs! You see, it says that children of like power must be thrown into the Well to seal the Nexus. But the prophecies decree that a willing sacrifice will make the magicks all that more potent. Of course, if you’d rather watch, Dwayne, as I torture your friends and you before I toss you into the Well, then I would gladly fulfill that request!”

Meanwhile, back in the court house, Foggy questions Vance’s mother about the abuse, but when she is cross questioned, she too also says that she believes Vance could have stopped his father, her husband, without using lethal force…