New Warriors #26

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New Warriors #26 (Volume 1)

This issue issue begins with Vance, better known as Marvel Boy, surrounded by three Guardsmen. One Guardsman gives him a blast, which he blocks with a telekinetic shield. Then, using that same telekinesis, he throws the Guardsman off a small embankment. Two Guardsman try to blast them, but using his ability he levitates himself so the blasts miss him. Turning around, he slams the two Guardsman into one another. However, while in midair, a Guardsman attacks him from the back, and the two topple to the ground. The Guardsman places his hand inches from Vance’s face. Vance, with a great amount of confidence, smiles, “Try it. I am using my telekinesis to block your venting ports. You will only end up blowing your own arm off.”

It turns out that they’re just testing one another, and Scott, one of the Guardsman sits with Vance and tells him to just hang tight, and everything will work itself out. Vance nodded his head, and tells Scott that he will take one day at a time and do whatever it is that’s right.

The next scene is rather explosive, as we see Hercules punching Rage! We see the rest of the Avengers, and Captain America asks Rage why he didn’t ask them for help when dealing with Tai, rather than stealing the Quinjet. Rage then learns, after the Avengers have a meeting about his actions, that he has been asked to leave the Avengers. Outside, Robbie Baldwin, better known as Speedball greets Rage. When he learns that Rage has been kicked off of the Avengers, he asks Rage to join the Warriors, which he does wholeheartedly, at which point Speedball gives Rage a new outfit.

The next day, somewhere in the Colorado Mountains, three people stand in the cold winds looking down at the roads below. We see that the three figures are Namorita, Nova and Firestar. They make mention of rescuing Vance from the Guardsman truck. When Nova asks if this is the right thing, Namorita says that it is, because from the start Vance was railroaded. The trio moves into action, with Firestar blasting in front of the truck to make it veer off the road. Nova and Nita then proceed to rip off the doors. When the first Guardsman steps out, Firestar blasts him with her microwaves, which scrambles his online armor circuits.

Two Guardsman immediately take to the air, while Firestar races inside to free Vance. In the air the Guardsmen tell Nova and Nita to cease their action. When Nita makes a threatening gesture, the Guardsman sends an electrical static charge – which after a moment – Nita absorbs, then directs right back at the Guardsman!

Suddenly, no one can move. And Nova is the first to immediately guess who it is. Vance is standing down there, holding everyone with a telekinetic shield, and in an angry tone shouts, “Has it ever occurred to any of you that I don’t want to be freed?”

Meanwhile, back at the Crashpad, Silhouette meets up with Night Thrasher who is in the computer room. She informs him that she was visiting Chord, and that sadly, he is not coming along as quickly as they had hoped, in the road to recovery. She also mentions that Chord had mentioned Dwayne and was hoping to talk to him. Dwayne informs Silhouette that he’s not ready to face him just yet and that he was busy forging his own armor.

When Silhouette asked if he was escaping from the past, he replied, “No, I am determining my own future.”

Meanwhile, back with the Guardsman. Vance informs them that he wants to serve his time, for the law has found him guilty. When Nita smashes a tree, claiming the laws of the lands are stupid, Vance assures her that such as it may be, these are the laws he lives by. Firestar and Vance walk off, with the permission of the Guardsman, and in a touching moment, where Firestar was ready to offer herself to him in every way, body and spirit, Vance stops her and informs her that he loves her, and that when they do it for the first time it will be special beyond words; but not here, not now, not like this.

Nova, Nita and Firestar watch as Vance gets back in the truck, and the Guardsman leave. When they ask, “What now?” Firestar is the one that answers, “We do what Vance wanted us to do. We move on.”