New Warriors #27

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New Warriors #27 (Volume 1)

This issue opens up with a rather comedic view. We see Speedball bouncing through town, trying to maintain control of about seventeen pizzas! However, just when he seems to be in control, right where he’s gonna land, a police car smashes into the ground. The pizza splashes everywhere and Speedball bounces into the alley where the police car was thrown from only to find… Rage fighting… Rage!

Speedball attacks the wrong Rage (forgetting that he gave Rage a new costume last week), which allows the doppelganger Rage – Enraged, as Speedball called him – to escape. After some quick banter between Rage and Speedball, Rage continues after Enraged.

Finding him on the roof, the two of them charge one another and hit head on. However, the effect is one that Rage hadn’t expected. He ended up absorbing Enraged!

Meanwhile, hero gather for the oncoming battle against the Infinity War. Nova, rather proud to have been picked by Captain America, as a part of the team to fight in the Infinity War; goes and rubs it in the faces of Thrasher, Darkhawk, Nova and Firestar.

Meanwhile in Springdale, Connecticut, Speedball arrives to see houses on fire, police everywhere – and just general chaos! When he lands he asks what happened, and suddenly finds himself at gun point of every officer in the area, explaining that it had been him who ruined the town. Speedball makes a break for it, and crashes through a window – and the family – someone is a Simpsons fan – is none other than Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Speedball slams himself between the floor and ceiling, building up kinetic energy, before bursting through the ceiling to make his getaway, when his father shows up along with the rest of the police. In this moment, Speedball shows new control over his powers. When the officers begin firing at him, he is fearful of letting the bullets bounce off of his kinetic field because they make strike the officers; so he attempts to absorb their kinetic momentum – and he does so successfully, stopping all the bullets in midair, and allowing them to drop like rain to the ground.

He then quickly heads for his house, fearful that his own evil doppelganger may be headed for his mother!

Back in Brooklyn, his eyes scan the streets. In a moment he sees what he needs. A robbery in progress. Leaping down from the rooftops, he lands in front of the three would be criminals. With a fist to each one and a knee to the third, he quickly – in less than a second for that matter – takes out all three criminals. One of them he grabs and smashes into a window. Suddenly he stops, realizing what he’s done – knowing that the Enraged that he fought was affecting his mind. Quickly, he springs away before doing harm to anyone or anything else!

Back in Springdale, Speedball fights his evil doppelganger who he calls Blackball, in his house. The two of them bounce back and forth, Blackball showing a twisted side of Speedball. But it’s Speedball who finally unleashes a massive amount of kinetic energy on Blackball, which destroys the vile doppelganger!

When the fight is through, Speedball’s father is standing there, telling Speedball that he is everything that he’s opposed to. To which Speedball replies, “You’d better learn to accept it. You can try to stop me. But you will fail. You will fail. You will have kept your ‘ethics’ but you will lose your son.”

Later, Speedball and Rage meet on a roof. There’s a strange silence for a moment, as they each think about the twisted versions of themselves they encountered. It’s Rage’s words that come forth, and make as much sense as possible out of the chaotic day. “That part is always inside of us. It’s how we deal with it, and accept it and do what we can to not be the side we saw.”