New Warriors #37

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New Warriors #37 (Volume 1)

This issue starts off with Rage eating and his grandmother (“Granny”) yelling at him about eating. The scene makes a small shift outside where we see two men with a rocket launcher wondering which of the New Warriors live in the house they’re about to fire upon. After some witless banter, they laugh and say it doesn’t matter and fire at the house.

The house explodes, and Rage crawls to find Granny lying unconscious, possibly dead!

The scene shifts to Robert Rider, Rich Rider’s brother. As he is walking some men jump out the van and abduct him claiming they will not hurt him, unless Rich Rider (a.k.a. Nova) refuses to help them.

A shift again finds us at the home of Bart Jones, father of Angelica Jones, Firestar. When the doorbell rings, he opens the door and is greeted by a bullet.

Another shift and we see the young gentleman who slept with Namorita on the phone discussing the various hits, and saying that there were to be no killings; and that only hostages were to be taken. He makes mention that Granny is dead, and that Bart Jones is undoubtedly dead as well.

Another scene shift, and we see Justin Baldwin, the father of Robbie Baldwin (a.k.a. Speedball) being taken alive, and dragged into a van.

A scene shift again, and we go to Angelica Jones (Firestar) finding her father shot. She gets so angry that she rips loose with her powers, ripping the ceiling right off from the house. Angelica takes her father and quickly flies him to a hospital, leaving a puzzled Jupiter behind.

A call to Namorita from the young man she slept with, reveals to her that her Oracle Inc book has been stolen. She immediately knows by who, and realizes the sensitive information contained within the book.

Yet another scene shift and we see Carlton visiting Robbie at his place in his Hindsight Lad suit. While Robbie is debating with Carlton, Robbie’s mother gets a call about her husband being kidnapped. At the home of Rich Rider (Nova), they get a piece of mail with Robert’s broken glasses. The Warriors gather for a meeting and get a call from the young man who had slept with Namorita.

While talking, Silhouette asks the health of the others; and they cut off Robert Rider’s finger on his left hand. Kimeiko of Poison Memories, the leader of the fiasco smiles contently. While the others discuss the possibilities, Rage walks out claiming while they may have family to worry about – he does not since his Granny was killed in the attack.

It ends with Carlton talking to someone in the shadows, who is clearly Night Thrasher, and he says, that “you are the only one who can help the New Warriors.”