New Warriors #48

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New Warriors #48 (Volume 1)

The issue opens with Carlton LaFroyge (Hindsight Lad), along with Chord and Sprocket, discussing how they need to form a new team of Warriors to find the original Warriors. When both Chord and Sprocket yell at Carlton about him not having any powers; he kindly points out neither of them do as well. That’s when Bandit comes in and says that he will gather a new team of Warriors; and though he is the illegitimate brother (half-brother) of Dwayne Taylor, and he hates him, hates Chord, hates everything the New Warriors stand for; he tells Chord that he loves his daughter, Silhouette.

A scene shift brings us to Sphinx looking at one of the buried bodies of Lady Sphinx. When he raises her skull and mentions that she did it for the love of power; a living Lady Sphinx enters the room and corrects him, and states that she did not do it for the love of power; but rather, the power of love. That’s when he learns that she had been “that stupid peasant cow” who had asked to come with him so long ago. She explained that she had absorbed enough of the Ka energies to become the unwitting traveler through time, perpetually reincarnating waiting for the chance to love again.

Sphinx then tells her that he did not know and that perhaps now was the time to fix that. She hesitates to touch his hand, but finally can not help but surrender to the hope of feeling his love. She quickly learns that he has betrayed her and sought only to have all of his powers back.

A quick scene shift brings us to Carlton and Bandit standing on a roof. Inside, Alex Power absorbs the powers of his brother and two sisters, and comes out as Powerpax.

We cut to a chapter featuring Vance Astrovik – Justice! We are thrown back in time to where we see Vance’s father, Arnold, fleeing from his own house crying – with Arnold’s father yelling at him. Vance witnesses all of it and approaches the door and knocks. His own grandfather (Arnold’s father) answers the door, extremely irate. When Vance tries to explain he is one of Arnold’s “friends” – Jerry Astrovik (Arnold’s father/Vance’s grandfather) becomes even more irate. Leaving, Vance decides to follow Arnold, and sees him in a café hugging another man. When Vance approaches him, Arnold explains that he will become all that his father has wanted him to become; go to college, get married, and live happily ever after – and that Jerry had already caught him and Bradley once. Vance finally figures out why his own father never much of his grandfather, Jerry; and why he did not seem to mourn his passing. Arnold Astrovik was “gay.”

A quick cut to Speedball shows him floating in an entire dimension of “kinetic bubbles” where he sees his hand “melt” into bubbles; and suddenly wonders if he is “home” and that he is a part of the very dimension of kinetic bubbles somehow.

Another scene shift brings us to the “New New Warriors.” In the room we see Sprocket, Chord, Darkhawk, Cloak, Dagger, Powerpax, Carlton, Bandit, Turbo (as Mickey) and next to her, Mikey. As they discuss the abduction of the original Warriors by the Sphinx, Lady Sphinx (Meryet Karim) enters the room and says that the answer lies within their hearts, and that the Ka energy must be restored to her body or the Warriors will be lost in time forever.