New Warriors #53

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New Warriors #53 (Volume 1)

The issue begins with Thomas Sorenson, better known as the Psionex member Mathemanic, stares down at the grave of Darius Clements. When two men approach him to ask if he is alright, he asks them the date. When they give the date, Mathemanic begins using his power of mathematically enhance telepathic ability to “convince” the two men that the day is actually before the time of Darius Clements’ death. Darius Clements had been the one Asylum, leader of Psionex, had accidentally killed.

Mathemanic takes it one step further. He ventures to the home of Darius’ mother, and informs her using his telepathic powers, that Darius is still alive, and that the date is still August 27th.

At the base of the New Warriors, Night Thrasher is the first to point out that something seems unusual. Firestar, unable to understand what is happening, is questioned as to the date. When she tells her team mates that it is August 27th, it is Justice who points out to her that according to the newspaper it’s been “August 27th” for five straight days in a row.

In Sayville, Long Island, the research scientists of Genetech Facility are just as baffled, due to eight test subjects all believing that it is “August 27th.” We learn that Genetech was told to give strict medical supervision of the four remaining members of Psionex (Impulse, Pretty Persuasions, Coronary and Mathemanic) after Asylum turned himself over to the police, following the accidental death of Darius Clements.

The scene shifts to Harlem, where we see Elvin Haliday, better known as the New Warriors member, Rage; in the apartment of Shanice. When Rage mentions that they will enjoy the nice and cold drinks in the hot August day, he is corrected and told that it is actually September. It’s interesting, that Fabian points out here; that relationships are strange. And how Rage is actually fourteen years old and falling in love with a woman seven years older than him; and what would she do if she knew Rage was only a boy; and how can Rage be a father to Shanice’ children, if he’s never known his own father – and yet outside, the window – we see a figure looking up towards the window. Foreshadowing that Rage’s father may be making his appearance very soon.

Back at Genetech, Mathemanic is brought in and while being questioned; he points out that reality is a constant only by collective perception; and if everyone thinks it’s August 27th, then why can’t it be so?

Mathemanic then points out on the television there is live coverage of the New Warriors fighting Psionex; proof that he has altered “reality.” When Genetech checks, all the members of Psionex are in their holding cells and not on “live television.”

The scene then changes to the live, televised fight between New Warriors and Psionex. When Asylum pulls Night Thrasher into the Darkforce Dimension; Night Thrasher laughs and states that he possesses no fear after seeing his parents gunned down. However, Nova points out that Night Thrasher has never been pulled in by Asylum’s Darkforce – and once again, it is Justice who recalls that the day Asylum turned himself in – that Night Thrasher had been pulled into Asylum’s Darkforce. When he asks the date, Night Thrasher states it is August 27th.

Justice then pieces it together that it must be Mathemanic who has messed with everyone’s perception of time. The New Warriors then immediately head for Genetech where they confront Mathemanic, who slips into a nightmarish version of reality, where all of the dead rise, asking if he could make them all “live” again the way he had made Darius Clements “live again.”

Ironically it is Darius Clements who he “runs into” and tells him that he must release him so that his spirit can go on; and that he will “live on” in the hearts of those who remember him.

The last page shows a large man, with what appears to be spikes on his arm, looking at a monitor full of heroes and villains. When his “Lieutenant” enters, he is informed that General Obsidian is going over the final orders with the soldiers.

The large person, with rows of teeth, states, “We have waited long enough! The time to strike… is now!”