New Warriors #56

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New Warriors #56 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with an explosive action scene as Cardinal, Powerpax, Turbo, and Nova shred through the submarine and begin viciously beating up on the Soldiers of Misfortune. Nova, getting the static in his helmet once more, plows effortlessly through a number of metallic floors, followed by Cardinal; while Turbo and Powerpax take care of keeping the Soldiers of Misfortune off balance.

When Turbo and Powerpax are suddenly pulled down to the ground and embraced in darkness; it is Powerpax who counters the gravity attack, and then uses the disintegrating balls to nail everyone standing around them.

Within the control center, they learn that Nova and Cardinal are headed for them; but before they can react, they suddenly find themselves confronted with a very powerful and angry Nova, with Cardinal right on his heels. Lifting, blasting, and essentially destroying anything and everything within the control center!

Powerpax’s disintegrating blasts punches a hole through the side of the submarine. As the sub begins to flood, Powerpax and Turbo watch as the Soldiers of Misfortune “teleport” away to safety.

Protocol makes his way down to the Genetic Reinforcer. Just as he commands Kymaera to attack Nova as they burst through the wall. At that moment, Speedball awakens and uses his power to attack Protocol, stunning him only for a mere moment. Kymaera and Sparrow comply and attack, but after a brief moment, Protocol commands them to retreat to the teleporter. When Nova and Cardinal give chase, he slams Nova into the ground; then grapples with Cardinal, cracking and shattering his armor; allowing the ocean water to begin filling it.

Nova flies Cardinal out of the water; and just as he is about to return, the submarine explodes. Nova knows that she got away, along with Sparrow, and the other Soldiers of Misfortune; and as the Warriors leave, he notes that if it takes burning the Earth to ash, he will do it if that is what it takes to find Namorita.