New Warriors #62

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New Warriors #62 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Helix engaging in a brawl with the New Warriors. When Justice tries to restrain him and he breaks free, Justice tells Firestar to take him down; however she hesitates, thinking about what Jupiter had mentioned.

Her hesitation nearly costs her, her life when Helix throws a car at her. Only through the quick thinking and quick movement of Turbo, is Firestar saved. Helix continues to grow in size and strength.

At that moment, Scarlet Spider shows up and webs Helix. Helix breaks free once again, even larger than before.

The scene shifts and we see Rich Rider and Laura sitting together. He explains to her how he has lost his powers once again, and she doesn’t see how that is a bad thing. She goes on to explain that now they can lead a normal life.

Another scene shift and we see Protocol in armor, with General Obsidian behind him. Moments later, there is a red alert and they bring up Kymaera up on the screen. Apparently the general brainwashing her released too much of their telepathic hold on her, giving her the opportunity to attempt an escape. Even as the Soldiers of Misfortune attempt to stop her, she defeats them. Just before reaching her freedom they send a signal to the chip placed in her, and renders her unconscious.

The scene shifts to Carlton exiting his room, and seeing Rina Patel standing outside Speedball’s door. She sees Carlton and recognizes him from one of her future travels. Carlton, trying to ignore her as the Warrior badge goes off, doesn’t realize he stepped in front of a truck. Rina, seeing this, without realizing how she’s done it, slows down time itself, and saves Carlton from being run over.

The scene shifts once more to the Warriors and Scarlet Spider fighting Helix. Scarlet Spider uses his web shooter to inject Helix with the serum that calms him down. The Warriors bring Helix to the Crashpad to keep an eye on him; and Rina manages to find out the location of the Warrior’s base.

And the last thing, Scarlet Spider joins the New Warriors.