New Warriors #63

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New Warriors #63 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with the Warriors trying to restrain Helix. When nothing seems to be able to stop him, Scarlet Spider tells all the other Warriors to cease their attack and to get out of the room. When the door locks, Scarlet Spider stops Carlton from starting the Defense Systems.

As they watch, Helix slowly fades back to his normal size, noting that his body adapts to whatever attacks him. With nothing attack him, Helix had returned to his normal size.

Justice and Scarlet Spider discuss how Scarlet Spider had undermined his leadership. Scarlet Spider apologizes and then goes on to realize how much Firestar reminds him of Mary Jane. Firestar then takes off to attend a doctor’s appointment, about the effects her powers may be having on her body.

Shortly afterwards, the alarm rings and Carlton goes down to answer the door. The Warriors are surprised to see Carlton leading her into the base. It is then that Speedball recognizes her as the girl who has been asking about him.

Scene shift to Firestar at the doctors, where she meets Amy, who is with the doctors to see if she can have children. As Firestar enters and speaks with the doctor, the window explodes, and Genecide enters. Scanning those in the room, she senses Firestar as being superhuman.

When Genecide bends over to get a sample, Firestar sears her face, sending her reeling back and giving Firestar enough time to press the emergency signal for the Warriors. Genecide shows that she’s able to heal any defect within herself.

When Genecide attempts to stun Firestar with a stun-smoke grenade; when the smoke clears, Firestar is not rendered unconscious. As a matter of fact, she has escaped with the doctor as well.

Genecide contacts the rest of her Eugenix team, who are going through the hospital slaughter people with flawed genetics.

Firestar tracks down Genecide within the hospital and tries to take her down. Amy, who she had been talking to, was still in the room. Genecide incapacitates Firestar, as the rest of the Eugenix team enters; one of them shooting Amy.

But before they can get away, another team arrives to stop Genecide and the rest of Eugenix.

None other than Psionex, lead by Night Thrasher and Rage.