New Warriors #66

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New Warriors #66 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Speedball returning back to his hometown of Springdale. While Robbie meets up with his father, members of the Speedball Revenge Squad (which include: The Basher, Bonehead, The Bug-Eyed Voice, Fred Caskey, Harlequin Hitman, Leaper Logan, The Sticker, and the Two Legged Rat – led by Clyde), continue their pursuit of Niels, the cat that shares the same kinetic energy powers as Speedball.

The scene shifts to the New Warriors base, where Scarlet Spider and Justice have a talk about trying to start clean with one another. When Scarlet Spider leaves because he’s not yet ready to show his face beneath the mask, the phone rings, and it is Sabra, who seeks to see Justice again, because she can’t stop thinking of him.

Another shift in scenery, and we see Speedball heading for the Hammond Research Center, where he spots the Speedball Revenge Squad, and see Niels captured. Speedball leaps down and makes quick work of the Speedball Revenge Squad; however, fails to notice Clyde who gases Speedball, and takes on the name Rebound.

However, before Clyde can absorb Speedball’s powers, Niels spits up a hairball of kinetic energy, causing Clyde’s machine to go haywire. In the process a huge kinetic dimension door opens, and within it, Speedball sees someone that looks like him – but featureless. They pull the plug on the machine and the dimension door slams shut.