New Warriors #71

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New Warriors #71 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Turbo, Firestar, Justice and Powerhouse questioning where they are. They quickly realize that they are not in their own time, and they see Advent about to enter the timeline.

A holographic projection of Darrion Grobe explains to the Warriors that they must escape the timeline, unsure of how they appeared in the year 2092. Advent also seems just as surprised to see the Warriors, expecting that they should have been dead.

Darrion explains that in seven minutes, if the Warriors do not escape, they will cease to exist in every reality.

The scene returns to Timeslip trying to outrun the nuclear blast of New York, when suddenly she’s thrown into the past, completely unaware of how she had managed that. When she looks around, she quickly realizes she is back where she was a moment ago, where Spider Man was thrown through the window.

And just as expect, Spider Man, moments later is thrown through the window. Realizing she has another chance to stop Advent. Recalling that the gun had done no good previously, she grabbed the officer’s nightstick and begins hitting Advent, breaking some of the wires within his armor. One good strike with the nightstick through Advent’s abdomen shorts the armor. Angered, he tries to blast Timeslip, however a severed wire within his armor causes a temporal backlash. Advent’s body seems to explode within itself, leaving nothing but a bad memory.

Timeslip waits for the nuclear bomb to go off, but instead Sphinx shows up. Sphinx explains that he killed the fake Speedball, because he knew it would trigger Timeslip into the fray. Her natural resistance to various attacks by Advent, and her ability to warp through time, made her the perfect candidate to keep Advent occupied while Spider Man disarmed the bomb, allowing time to flow correctly.

Before the Sphinx departed, he told Timeslip that the Warriors were in the future with Advent, a future that was about to be unmade. He then eludes that there is something she can do, if she used her powers to the full potential.

The scene shifts back to the Warriors in the future, cutting loose with trying to stop Advent from reaching the time machine. When Advent does reach the time machine, once again, it rips him asunder down to the molecular level, destroying him and the time machine. The kinetic dimension appears, and Darrion tells the Warriors that it is their only means of escape. Justice gathers everyone around him, and using his telekinetic shield, he enters the kinetic dimension protecting his fellow Warriors.

As the dimension door closes, Darrion feels a sense of regret knowing that the Warriors will never survive the dimension. But some hope, was better than none. And suddenly, he smiles thinking he saw something within the dimension. And a second later, Darrion ceases to exist.

And suddenly, reality corrects itself and forges a new future, where Darrion is sitting on a bench and his father approaches him, smiling, asking if everything is all right. And Darrion answers, “Yeah Dad, everything seems just fine now.”

Back at the present, Timeslip remains in a trance, when suddenly energy crackles and the Warriors come through the kinetic dimension, followed by the original Speedball, who collides into Timeslip.

Not recognizing Timeslip, she introduces herself. He then asks if there was anything else that he missed while he was in the kinetic dimension. The Warriors answer that with a heartfelt like laugh.