New Warriors #72

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New Warriors #72 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Thinker and Primus rescuing a catatonic individual, whose hands were essentially claws.

And not far away, a man works on the records of the Avengers, noting that they ordered a number of things that they never got; and notices that the logo is not the Avengers logo, but the Warriors logo.

The scene shifts again, this time to Carlton working on the mysterious door that had remained locked in the base. When the door slides open, he’s surprised to see members of Hydra holding a gun towards him, pulling him into the door and shutting it once more behind them.

The changes to Timeslip, Turbo and Helix staring at the roster of the New Warriors. Timeslip examines the Warriors roster while Turbo attempts to teach Helix English. When Helix says he doesn’t want to study anymore, in Spanish Turbo lets him know that she will not be around forever. She goes on to explain that she plans on leaving the team and allowing her friend Mikey to be her replacement as Turbo.

Helix then tells her that he thinks he’s ready to go find his name, his family, his history. When he assures Turbo that he will keep in touch, he taps the Warrior Com Badge and notices it doesn’t work. Timeslip checks hers, and notices that hers does not work as well. While Turbo mentions that hers does not work as well, Hydra watches her. Carlton asks how Hydra managed to disable the Communication Badge.

The mastermind reveals himself as the Mother of Pearl, of the Hydra Pearl Sect. Mother of Pearl reveals the Brain-Altering Energy Beam Projection, and how it is manipulating people who are using the New York Stock Exchange. Carlton manages to keep talking long enough, citing various failures that Hydra has managed to accomplish, to buy himself time, and making the Hydra members fight amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, upstairs as Timeslip, Turbo and Helix try to figure out why their badges don’t work, unseen to them Vision phases through the wall and notices the equipment the Warriors are using. The Avengers then burst through the door demanding to speak with “H. Lad” and want to question how he perpetrated the Avengers security system.

Turbo accesses the computer, sending a message to the rest of the Warriors, then turning to say, that Hindsight Lad is downstairs.

The scene shifts to Robbie playing handball with Elvin. Robbie explains the situation with the kinetic dimension. When Dwayne asks where Robbie stands now that he knows the entire situation between the Warriors and Psionex, and the fallout that he had with the Warriors – Robbie truthfully answers that he is not sure where belongs at the moment, but he was most comfortable with the Warriors, to see how things panned out.

When the Warriors and Avengers go down to the large door in the basement, the Hydra open the door and blast at them. Disoriented the Avengers and Warriors fight the wave of Hydra who pour out from the door.

The timely arrival of Hindsight Lad who has cut himself free using his utility belt, hits the ray so that it faces Mother of Pearl, rapidly turning the tide of battle in the favor of the Warriors and Avengers.

With the battle over, the Avengers question how Hindsight Lad had managed to breach Avenger security. Hindsight Lad explains that he found Night Thrasher’s files and got some names, and went from there.

Justice offers to pay back all that they have “borrowed” and the calls made with the Communications Badge; but Black Widow declines and says that next time, they should just ask.