New Warriors #33

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New Warriors #33 (Volume 1)

This issue opens with Speedball and Spider-Man trying to get through a city where the Darkforce seems to be at every turn. Down below Mrs. Dunham finds herself in trouble as the Darkforce begins to wrap itself around her car. However, just as all seems lost, Darkhawk arrives on the scene and using his force-blast, frees her from the ensnaring darkness. He then quickly follows Speedball and Spider-Man to offer them a hand.

Firestar arrives and frees Spider-Man and Speedball, who both found themselves ensnared by the blackness of the Darkforce. The four of them note how, upon Firestar’s arrival, the Darkforce crept away, sinking back into the shadows. Spider-Man and Speedball make mention of how they both felt anger, frustration and tense when the black force had wrapped itself around them, as if feeding off the darkness within them.

As they stood on the rooftop, Turbo arrived. However, as the other Warriors noted, it was not Mickey who wore the costume. Instead, it was a male beneath the costume, none other than Michael Jeffries.

Meanwhile at the factory that acted as the New Warriors Crashpad, Nova suddenly flew through the roof – though not under his own control. Having been struck by Namorita so hard that he plowed through the roof, Nova quickly noted how hard Nita was able to strike him, and turned back around and headed for the Crashpad.

Nova enters through a window and strikes Namorita from the back, seeing her covered in the black liquid of the Darkforce. At that same moment, Rage awoke, taking only a few moments to see that Namorita had struck him from the back and that Nova had come to save him. As Rage struggles against the darkness, Nova and Namorita continue to trade punches, until Nova can take no more and hits her without holding back, rendering her unconscious.

Without warning, Cloak suddenly appeared before them, and both Nova and Rage knew that somehow Cloak was involved in all of this, and that the situation had deteriorated.

Meanwhile, flying above the skies, Warren Worthington III, better known as Archangel, fights against the darkness that threatens to take him. The darkness that promises to take away his soul piece by piece. In the end, he stops fighting for he can’t fight as strongly as is needed to win, so he surrenders to the darkness, and allows it to overcome him.

Not too far away, the Master Mystic, the man known as Doctor Strange unlocks the truth behind the mysterious blackness. Using his Eye of Agamotto, he peeks into the darkforce dimension where he sees a number of prisoners – all people who use their powers and access the darkforce dimension. They stand rigid and motionless. Doctor Strange also uncovers that the threat does not come from them directly, but from someone on Earth.

At that moment, Thing, Human Torch, Sersi, Black Knight and Crystal fight the citizens of New York who have been taken over by the Darkforce. They learn that the darkness seems fond of the Human Torch, constantly trying to pull him under. Black Knight comes to find that his neuro-sword is able to disrupt the darkness, but does not keep it at bay very long.

Just as it seems there is nothing that can be done when Black Knight, Sersi and Human Torch get covered – a blast from the skies frees them. Looking up, they see Firestar and the others. However, their celebration is short lived when out of the darkness Vanisher teleports in, grabs Sersi and Human Torch and teleports away!

Back at the Crashpad, Nova and Rage struggle with all of their vaunted strength against the pull of Cloak’s darkness. Just as when it seemed that matters were about to turn worse, when neither could hold on any longer, Dagger arrived and struck Cloak with several of her light daggers.

In the depths of the Smyther’s Drug Rehabilitation, Doctor Strange walks through knee deep of darkness. There, he encounters a man, composed of nothing but the Darkforce!