Real Name: Donald Joshua Clendenon
Aliases: Harrier
Identity: Known to the Authorities
Occupation: Inmate; former adventurer, criminal, mercenary
Citizenship: US Citizen With A Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Birmingham, Alabama
Known Relatives: Unidentified father, Valerie Barnhardt (Meteorite, daughter, deceased)
Group Affiliation: None; (formerly) Thunderbolts, Masters of Evil, Air Force
First Appearance: (as Cardinal) New Warriors #28 (1992); (as Harrier, in shadow) Thunderbolts #65 (2002); (as Harrier, fully) Thunderbolts #67 (2002)
History: Donald Joshua Clendenon is a Vietnam Veteran, who met Amelia Barnhardt (who later became Sprocket), and got her pregnant. It had been a one time thing, and he did not know until much later that he had a daughter by the name of Valerie Barnhardt (who went on to become Meteorite of the Redeemers). Clendenon came into possession of a power suit and adopted the name Cardinal, where he became a bodyguard for Jeremy Swimmingbear (also known as Sea Urchin). This job would bring him in direct conflict with the New Warriors, who had been tracking Jeremy Swimmingbear’s movements; which dealt with a Russian organized crime ring, trading stolen icons for sophisticated weaponry. Cardinal manages to defeat the New Warriors and make good of his escape. However, Cardinal would encounter the New Warriors, yet again, when the Warriors tracked down Jeremy Swimmingbear again. This time, both Jeremy Swimmingbear and Cardinal are captured; and Cardinal is placed in police custody.

Cardinal is later broken out of prison by his team Air Force (which consists of himself; Killer Shrike, Tanager, and Sparrow). They track down the signature reading from the Turbo costume, which brings them in direct conflict with the New Warriors, yet again. Thanks to Mike (who is currently wearing the Turbo outfit at the time, though it had been Mickey who had been wearing it when the New Warriors first encountered Cardinal) and Mickey, the entire team of Air Force is defeated, and once again, returned to prison.

Sometime later, Night Thrasher blackmailed Cardinal and the rest of the members of Air Force into assisting with the African relief efforts. Cardinal, who is African-American himself, was genuinely moved by the suffering and began diligently working to aid those who were in desperate need of food. However, Undertow (led by Protocol) and the Soldiers of Misfortune appeared and began slaughtering the refugees. Air Force attempted to stop the Soldiers of Misfortune, but Cardinal was badly wounded and Oriole (a new member of Air Force) and Tanager were both killed in the battle, while Sparrow was captured and later mutated to become the member known as ‘Fast’ in the Soldiers of Misfortune. There was something, despite the constant bickering, between Cardinal and Sparrow previously, in terms of a relationship, that was never fully explained; but it was clear that he cared for her.

Dismayed by the failure at becoming a hero, Cardinal once again returned to a life of self-profit and joined the Crimson Cowl’s Masters of Evil. They are however, defeated by the Thunderbolts and Cardinal is once again returned to Seagate Prison.

Sprocket (Amelia Barnhardt) would later visit Cardinal in prison and inform him of the death of their daughter, who had become Meteorite of the Redeemers and had been brutally killed by Graviton. Cardinal explained he never knew; and Sprocket asked how he would he; it had been a drunken one night stand in Rhodesia. Clendenon had left Amelia with the bar tab and disappeared never knowing that Amelia was pregnant from their one night stand. Later, when Hawkeye was incarcerated at Seagate Prison, the Crimson Cowl appeared and told Cardinal how Hawkeye was responsible for the death of Valerie Barnhardt, his daughter. However, Hawkeye was able to convince Cardinal, and the rest of the Masters of Evil, to turn on the Crimson Cowl and defeat them. Cardinal adopted the name Harrier and although he still harbored a grudge against Hawkeye, he still chose to return to prison in order to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 257 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Powers: None

Armor: As both Cardinal and Harrier, he used winged body armor which granted him the cabability of jet-powered flight, capablity to travel underwater, and enhanced strength. Among his armor’s offensive capabilities were blasts of electricity, a titanium net, and “tar pellets” ensnaring projectiles.