Killer Shrike

Real Name: Simon Maddicks
Aliases: Harold Simmons
Identity: Known to Authorities
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: United States Citizen With A Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Williamsburg, Virginia
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Thunderbolts (Formerly), Air Force (Formerly), Agent of Roxxon (Formerly), Conspiracy (Formerly)
First Appearance: Rampaging Hulk #1 (1977)
After serving in the United States Military, where he learned extensive combat and martial arts training, Simon Maddicks became a mercenary and gained the attention of the Brand Corporation, a subsidiary of the Roxxon Oil Company. Under their care, Simon had undergone several bionic treatments that enhanced his strength, speed and endurance. He was also given a small implant, at the base of his spine, that acted as an anti-gravity. Brand Corporation also outfitted him with a costumed identity, where he took up the name Killer Shrike.

Roxxon Oil had Killer Shrike infiltrate a rival shadow organization known as Conspiracy. The Conspiracy were seeking to reunite the Bloodgem fragments and to test Killer Shrike, they sent him to assist the extradimensional Ulluxy’l Kwan Tae Syn in this quest. This brought Killer Shrike in conflict with Ulysses Bloodstone. Ulysses slammed Killer Shrike’s wrist talons together, causing an explosive backlash, which left Killer Shrike comatose.

Killer Shrike eventually awoke from the coma but was suffering from amnesia. Modular Man offered to assist Killer Shrike in regaining his memory, if he assisted Modular Man in regaining his human form. However, Modular Man deceived Killer Shrike, and instead turned himself into a being of pure energy. This caught the attention of Spider-Man and Beast, who used Killer Shrike’s wrist blasters to stun and disrupt Modular Man’s growing energy form. In the confusion, Killer Shrike managed to escape.

The Brand Corporation got a hold of Killer Shrike and promised to assist him in regaining his memory. They helped restore his memory and set him up with an alias of Harold Simons, bodyguard for the Brand Corporation president, James Melvin. This would bring him in conflict with Will-O’-The-Wisp, Jackson Arvad, who James Melvin had left to die in a lab; although Arvad did not perish as James had suspected. Instead, Arvad became a being of pure energy – The Will-O’-The-Wisp – and he was seeking vengeance against James Melvin. This brought the attention of Spider-Man, and Will-O’-The-Wisp was defeated. The Brand Corporation dissolved soon after, making Killer Shrike a free agent.

Killer Shrike would eventually come in contact with Tinkerer, who promised to upgrade Killer Shrike’s armor. Testing the armor, Killer Shrike sought to rob an armored car, but came in contact with Spider-Man. Tinkerer managed to escape by overloading Killer Shrike’s armor, and leaving him for Spider-Man to capture. Killer Shrike would go on to encounter Spider-Man on several occasions, as well as occasionally coming into conflict with the likes of Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and even Captain America.

Realizing that his solo career as a villain had been less than effective, Killer Shrike turned to joining a team known as Air Force, which was composed of (at different times) Cardinal, Sparrow, Tanager, Oriole, and himself. On his first mission with Air Force, he was sent with Sparrow and Tanager to rescue Cardinal from prison. Successfully doing so, they tracked down the New Warriors by focusing on Turbo’s energy signature – from her previous battle with Cardinal.

Air Force arrived and battle Mikey, who was wearing the Torpedo armor, rather than Mickey; however, Nova was there as well, having been teaching them how to use the armor. Air Force managed to defeat Nova by ganging up on him, but Mickey’s resourcefulness helped Mikey defeat Air Force, by electrocuting them, and thus shorting out their armor.

Killer Shrike would later leave the team, when they went after the Taylor Foundation. This was perhaps the first time that Killer Shrike’s luck was in his favor; as the team was eventually blackmailed into assisting Taylor Foundation; while assisting with supplies for Rwandan refugees, Air Force was attacked by the Soldiers of Misfortune. From that battle, only Cardinal escaped. Sparrow was captured and turned into the Soldier of Misfortune known as Fast. Oriole and Tanager both perished.

Killer Shrike fell in love with a woman named Nadine; and together, they traveled the country in their battered camper, going from one small town to the next. Though Killer Shrike swore he gave up his life of crime, he was spotted by Nadine, as he was casing a place to rob. It was then that he confessed that he had continued his life of crime, robbing banks in the small towns they had visited, knowing there would be no super heroes present to stop him. He explained that he had wanted to buy them a better RV and travel the country in better comfort. Killer Shrike’s ill luck would return when Hulk appeared. Believing that Hulk was there to stop him, Killer Shrike engaged against the Hulk; who wanted nothing to do with Killer Shrike, and paid him no attention until Killer Shrike dropped an entire building on him. Only after the battle did Killer Shrike notice that their battered camper was beneath all the rubble; and there he found the body of Nadine, crushed beneath it all.

Killer Shrike’s bad luck continued when he encountered the Avengers and was easily defeated. He was then placed into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Killer Shrike agreed to a plea bargain to a sting operation to find the true mastermind behind bank rolling several super-villains. Killer Shrike only managed to get out the front door before being electrocuted by one of Tinkerer’s traps. Although declared dead at the scene, Killer Shrike appeared again with the Super Human Registration Act, being rounded up by the Thunderbolts.

Recently, however, it seems that Killer Shrike was killed by Black Spectre while in the hospital.

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Powers: Killer Shrike possesses enhanced strength, reflexes, and endurance 1.5 times faster than an Olympic athlete. Initially able to lift 1 ton, Killer Shrike has since then been able to throw a truck with ease. A mentally controlled anti-gravity pack at the base of his spine allows Killer Shrike to fly up to speeds of 120 mph (the maximum speed at which he can breathe unaided).

Armor: The body suit of armor Killer Shrike wears grants him protection against most guns and rifles. He wears twin titanium wrist talons with built-in electrical blasters; as well as being able to fire high amperage electrical blasts of up to 50,000 volts individually; they can combine to deliver 120,000 volt attack capable of collapsing small buildings. The talon’s blades are retractable and sharp enough to slice through Spider-Man’s webbing.