Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: United States Citizen With A Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Air Force
First Appearance: Night Thrasher #4 (V2)
Little is known about Oriole’s history before he became a part of the Air Force unit, along with Sparrow, Tanager and Cardinal. One of her first known missions came up when Gloria Hancock, CEO of Hancock Transport Airlines, hired the members of Air Force to take down the Taylor Foundation, because they had rejected a petition to allow use of their landing strips in Bosnia-Herzigovina. The members of Air Force consisted of Sparrow, Cardinal, Tanager and Oriole.

When Air Force attacks the plane full of Taylor Foundation Board of Directors, their pilot, Sprocket recognizes Cardinal and tries to shoot him. She is however, pinned to the wall by Oriole’s sai. Air Force examines the rest of the ship and notes that they’re missing Dwayne Taylor. When Tanager and Sparrow go to examine the cockpit, Tanager asks about the relationship between Sparrow and Cardinal; and she seems to elude to a sexual relationship between the two, but nothing more.

Tanager later goes to examine the cargo hold alone, when she is attacked and defeated by Dwayne Taylor, who has not put on the Night Thrasher outfit, for fear of revealing his secret identity. Dwayne then takes out Oriole, who comes in shortly after Tanager. Using Tanager and Oriole’s armor, Dwayne fashions himself a make shift armor that he uses to defeat Sparrow. Dwayne then uses it to over ride Cardinal’s armor and gives Cardinal the choice – to either assist in the relief efforts in Bosnia-Herzigovina, or fly from the plane – in their armor – with Dwayne in control of their armor. Cardinal agrees to assist in the efforts, because of an early-detection scanner for identifying hostile aircraft that she had previously taken.

While assisting with supplies for Rwandan refugees, Air Force was attacked by the Soldiers of Misfortune. From that battle, only Cardinal escaped. Sparrow was captured and turned into the Soldier of Misfortune known as Fast. Oriole and Tanager both perished.

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Auburn

Powers: None

Armor: Oriole had armor that granted him the ability to fly. The armor also enhanced his strength and endurance. Oriole’s armor had sais that were attached above his wrist that could be used as projectile weapons.