Silk Fever

Real Name: Min Li Ng
Aliases: Firewall
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Mercenary, Terrorist
Citizenship: Vietnamese Citizen, with a criminal record.
Place of Birth: Vietnam
Known Relatives: Lt. Go Vin Ng (Father), Vietnamese Mother (Unknown)
Group Affiliation: Forces of Nature, Folding Circle, Thunderbolts
First Appearance: New Warriors #7 (V1)
History: The origin of Silk Fever truly begins with the Vietnam War. Her father, Lt. Go Vin Ng, who served with a military unit known as the “Half-Fulls”, had stumbled upon an ancient Asian Cult of the Dragon’s Breadth, who were guardians of the Well of All Things; an inter-dimensional Well that was bursting with an array of untapped mystical energy. The Cult of the Dragon’s Breadth had been breeding children who would eventually be capable of accessing the Well’s energies better than any other ever had.

Tai, who would be directly responsible for the creation of the New Warriors, was one of the adults who knew that she would be giving birth to the ones that would bear the children of ‘The Pact.’ She had given birth to her daughter, Miyami; and the other mothers followed suit. Tai, however, killed all that would oppose her, except for the children who would bear the offspring of ‘The Pact’ thus leaving Tai as the sole beneficiary of the Well’s powers when the time was right.

Tai arranged for Lt. Go Vin Ng to marry and mate with one of the women. Together, they would have a daughter named Min Li Ng. Little is known about Min Li Ng, until she appears as a part of Project: Earth; an organization dedicated to protecting the Earth’s environment; going to whatever extremes necessary, including murder. As a member of Project: Earth, she became a part of their “Super Powered” team known as “Forces of Nature” which consisted of Aqueduct (formerly Water Wizard), Skybreaker (formerly the Inhuman named Aireo), Terraformer (Plantman simuloid) and herself. During her time with Forces of Nature, she used the name Firewall.

During this time, Forces of Nature clashed with the New Warriors as they were searching for Speedball’s mother in Brazil. The New Warriors agreed to help Forces of Nature put a stop to some people who were damaging the environment; but the New Warriors immediately turned on Forces of Nature and defeated them; handing them over to the authorities.

Min Li Ng is not seen or heard from again, until the Folding Circle appeared in Geneva, Switzerland within the offices of Project: Earth. Left Hand, along with Smiling Tiger, Bloodstrike and Midnight’s Fire recruit Min Li Ng into the Folding Circle as she adopts the name “Silk Fever.”

Silk Fever remained with The Left Hand as he formed “The Folding Circle” – a team composed of all the children of ‘The Pact.’ Together, they had gone to harvest the power of the Well of All Things. However, the New Warriors arrived as well; and during the battle, they were betrayed by Tai, who planned to sacrifice the New Warriors and use the members of the Folding Circle as her Avatars on the World, during her quest for domination. The Folding Circle and the New Warriors teamed up to stop Tai, and successfully managed to do so; only when Night Thrasher shot her, at point blank range, with a machine gun (after she had been weakened). The result, however, was Tai, Night Thrasher and The Left Hand falling into the Well of All Things; but Nova managed to rescue Night Thrasher before it was too late. Barely escaping, the Well of All Things collapsed unto itself, sealing it, seemingly forever.

During their escape, the Folding Circle, under the new leadership of Midnight’s Fire, stole the Avengers Quinjet that the New Warriors had originally taken from the Avengers. However, they did not get far as they crashed the jet in Madripoor. It was there, that Midnight’s Fire encouraged the other members of the Folding Circle that they could take a piece of the drug money that was flowing through Madripoor. Aligning themselves with Tyger Tiger, the Folding Circle went after Aardwolf, only to be thwarted by Night Thrasher and Silhouette.

Silk Fever’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Height: 5’2″
Weight: 114 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Powers: Min Li originally claimed that her pyrokinetic powers came from accidental exposure to a napalm explosion during the Vietnam War, however, like all members of The Folding Circle; Silk Fever is a mystically powered mutates who derived his power from the ancient Well of All Things. Her mutated abilities give her the ability to psionically ignite oxygen molecules in her environment. The most visible manifestation of her power is an aura of fire that surrounds her body completely and obscures her physical features. She uses her pyrokinesis to project blasts of intense flame, either in controlled bursts or as an omni-directional wave powerful enough to incinerate large trees and human beings in seconds. Silk Fever has also learned to use her power to create superheated updrafts of air by which she can levitate herself and fly at subsonic speeds. Silk Fever can apparently keep her power active constantly, at least on a low level, as she remains sheathed in flames even if rendered unconscious. She can, however, resume her normal human form at will. Silk Fever is immune to heat and flames even if they are not of her creation, provided they do not exceed the maximum temperature she can generate with her own powers.