Real Name: Andrea Roarke
Aliases: None (Mistakenly referenced as “Sunstroke”)
Identity: Secret Identity
Occupation: Mercenary, Initiative
Citizenship: United States Citizen With Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Mesa, Arizona
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Forces of Nature, Initiative
First Appearance: Iron Man I#330 (July, 1996)

Sunstreak’s career as a criminal started off with a rough start, as she and several others attempted to take on and steal Stark Data. Defeated by Iron Man and War Machine, Sunstreak soon found herself in The Vault; the super human prison. It was there that she agreed to join the Initiative program and undergo training at Camp Hammond.

It was here that she met Emery Schaub, who had been nicknamed Butterball by Taskmaster. One night, the trainees all sneaked off the training base and drove to the beach where they had a bonfire. Sunstreak had made a pass at Emery, who she learned was immune to her flame powers, but Emery (who was upset and embarrassed) rapidly left in the jeep, with the others in hot pursuit. They had been tracked down by Yellowjacket, War Machine, Taskmaster and Constrictor, when suddenly King Cobra, Firebrand, Mauler, and Mr. Hyde attacked.

Butterball was eventually released from the Initiative Program, having taken the rap for the trip to the beach. Shortly after, the Skrulls invaded New York, and Sunstreak and the other trainees were thrown into action under Gauntlet’s command, fighting along side the Young Avengers. The team was rapidly overwhelmed and Proton was killed by Super-Skrull, as he pleaded for his life. The battle would also claim the life of long time Avengers, The Wasp.

When the Skrull Invasion was finally defeated, Sunstreak was put onto a team led by the former Avengers, Tigra, in an attempt to catch Stegron. Though they failed to capture him the first time, they did eventually capture him and turn him over to the authorities.

Sunstreak learned that she would remain with the Initiative Program, much to her dismay, due to her previous criminal history. This would eventually put her in contact with several former members of the New Warriors, when Ragnarok, a clone of Thor, attacked; when Debrii, Justice, Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor), Rage, Scarlet Spiders and Slapstick assisted in the fight against Ragnarok. When the Thor Clone was finally defeated, Sunstreak assisted in the clean up efforts around Camp Hammond.

Later, under Norman Osborn’s regime, Force of Nature was reinstated as the Oregon Initiative team; with newly appointed member Sunstreak, who replaced Firebrand. With this team, Sunstreak actually began to enjoy being a part of the Initiative. Appointed the leader, she led the Force of Nature team against the Heavy Hitters (Nonstop, Telemetry, and Prodigy) who had succeeded from the Nevada Initiative.

Later, during Siege, Sunstreak led Force of Nature against the Asgardians, under Norman Osborn’s command, where her teammate Terraformer was cut in half by an Asgardian Sword. It’s unknown what Terraformer’s final fate was (since it was not a living person, but a living plant). After Siege, Sunstreak’s whereabouts remain known.

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 128 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond (Flame)

Powers: The origin of Andrea Roarke’s powers remain unknown. Even in human form, Andrea’s powers always seem to be on – as her skin is always at an extreme temperature capable of burning. She possesses the ability to surround herself in fire, and project it in fiery bursts, as well as fly.