Real Name: None
Aliases: “Sam”
Identity: Known to Authorities
Occupation: Mercenary, Terrorist
Citizenship: Invalid
Place of Birth: Invalid
Known Relatives: Sam Smithers (Plantman, Creator)
Group Affiliation: Forces of Nature
First Appearance: New Warriors #7 (V1)
History: Omar Barrenos, of Project: Earth recruited Terraformer into the “Force of Nature.” It remains unknown how Omar discovered of Terraformer’s existence (or where and when he recruited him from). Terraformer was a vegetable being given sentience and human form by the villain called the Plant Man.

One of the first missions of Force of Nature was to discover who the Americans were that were arriving in Brazil. Questioning and killing the man, Force of Nature discovered that the New Warriors were on the way. Battling the New Warriors, Force of Nature had started off winning the battle; but the tide rapidly turned against them, and Force of Nature and Project: Earth were defeated. But this would not be the last time that Force of Nature would encounter the New Warriors. In the war-torn country of Trans-Sabal, Force of Nature had been attempting to put an end to the chaos that had erupted in the country, including massive oil well fires ravaging the entire country. It was during this encounter, Firewall had been replaced with a new member, Firebrand (Russ Broxtel), who had similar powers. Spending several weeks there, mostly siding with Araq Mezdbadah, who had the interests of protecting the environment; Aqueduct was forced to kill General Halladah. The New Warriors, torn between choosing sides, joined with the Force of Nature team; but eventually pulled out, once it was clear, there was no “Right” side to the war.

Aqueduct, Terraformer and Skybreaker aided Wizard and Gargantua in a revolt against the Guardsmen in prison, in an attempt to earn better rights and treatment. Terraformer needing a plant for symbotic survival, was given one when Marvel Boy, who was in prison for the manslaughter charge brought against him, when he had unintentionally killed his own father; talked the Warden into allowing Terraformer to have his plant on his desk; the warden agrees to the possibility of granting privileges to inmates on a case-by-case basis, according to each prisoner’s individual behavior and needs.

Terraformer’s subsequent activities after the dissolution of the Vault remain unrevealed.

Height: 6’0″
Weight: 193 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green

Powers: As a being of animated vegetation, Terraformer produces energy by metabolizing water and sunlight, and so does not need to eat. He can mentally control plants around him, animating vines or roots to entangle or choke opponents, attack flying opponents with streams of mold, and command trees to move and attack. His link with plants is symbiotic in nature; he can manipulate them, but he also needs to maintain contact with them for his own mental health, and perhaps his physical existence. When dehydrated, he enters a cocoon and regenerates. The extent of his abilities remains unrevealed.