Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Unknown
Citizenship: US Citizen With A Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Leader of Eugenix
First Appearance: New Warriors (Volume 1) #63
History: There is very little known about the origin of Genecide, other than her obsession with the destruction of the New Warriors member, Namorita. She became the leader of an extremist team known as Eugenix, where the members were known as I (One), IV, VII, IX, XI and XII. (There’s potentially members for II, III, V, VI, VIII and X, but we will likely never know). Each of these members were superhuman, each with their own, unique ability. They all followed Genecide and her terroist ideals of genetic purity. Like Genecide, I and IV were also able to visually analyze a target’s genetic structure; and could determine any genetic imperfections, or even mutations that were in that person’s genetic makeup.

Genecide and her team of Eugenix, frequently attacked hospitals, eradicating those who were hospitalized due to illness; believing that by removing those who were still alive thanks to modern medicine, they would remove the weaker genetics in the world, and allow the human race to begin it’s next step of evolution, by providing only the strong be allowed to survive.

One such attack brings Genecide and Eugenix against Firestar, who happened to be at the hospital to check if her Microwave powers were damaging her body. The fight gets the attention of Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor), who owns the clinic being attacked; and he brings in his team, called Psionex, which he was leading at the time. Alerted by Firestar, the New Warriors arrive and engage in a fight against Psionex, believing that they are the problem. Genecide flees, taking Firestar’s doctor as a hostage; but Firestar and Night Thrasher catch up. Night Thrasher fires a shot and hits Genecide, who is able to use her ability to easily heal her wound. XI, of Eugenix swoops down and rescues Genecide, who throws her hostage to the heroes and escapes.

Later, Genecide tells her team that their next target is Namorita, of the New Warriors. Namorita is a clone, and thus an abomination that needs to be destroyed. A short while later, Namorita is captured by Genecide, who had impersonated Doctor Lowell, who Namorita had gone to see about why her mutations seemed to be happening so frequently. Namorita easily breaks free and uses her acid touch (one of her recent mutations) on several members of Eugenix; Genecide observes and becomes fascinated by what she sees in Namorita’s DNA. The New Warriors arrive and Genecide explains that she can tell Namorita what her body is going through; but Namorita doesn’t want to hear it. Genecide signals her members of Eugenix who begin causing destruction in the medical center, explaining that the facility specializes in clones. Namorita tells the New Warriors to save the clones; and Genecide and her team escape, while Aegis argued with Namorita that clones aren’t real people; and that’s when she reveals to Aegis that she, herself, is a clone; for which he later apologizes for; but by then, Genecide and her team are long gone.

Height: 5’11” (Varies, as needed)
Weight: 210 lbs. (Varies as needed)
Eyes: Blue (Varies as needed)
Hair: Purple (Varies as needed)

Powers: Genecide has the ability (unknown if it was a mutant power, or gained through a scientific “accident”) to ‘see’ the generic make-up of every person’s DNA. She’s literally able to see every dominant trait, recessive gene, even mutations within the person’s genetic makeup. Through this ‘sight’ of a person’s DNA, she’s able to essentially tell the type of person they are, or will become. She also has complete control over her own genetic make up, which allows her several interesting powers; such as adopting the form of any human (male, female), healing any wound (bullet wounds, radiation), with the full potential of such control of her own genetic makeup, yet unrevealed.