Lady Sphinx

Real Name: Meryet Karim
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Corporate CEO
Citizenship: Egypt
Place of Birth: Egypt
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: New Warriors #4 (V1)
Meryet Karim’s origin is strongly connected to the original Sphinx, Anath-Na Mut. She had been the one who had found Anath-Na Mut when he was gravely wounded. She had been an outcast herself, and took to caring for Anath-Na Mut until he was in better health. Little did she know that the reason for his grievous wounds and condition had been because he had just uncovered the Ka Stone, which had washed over his body with its energies, and had been more than he could originally handle. Little did either of them know that while she had been tending to him, she had unwillingly absorbed a great portion of the Ka Stone’s energies as well. In that time, Meryet’s self had grown to love Anath-Na Mut; however, once nursed back to health, he quickly dismissed her affection for him and left her stranded. She went on to lead a normal life, always wondering what had come of Anath-Na Mut.

Sometime after she perished of natural causes, she “awoke” within the body of a young, wealthy male body; fully aware of her previous life, having retained all the knowledge she had learned. She used the finances of her current incarnation to fund an expedition to study the Temple of Ka. She learned everything she could, and when she perished in this life, she awoke again, reincarnated in the form of a woman.

With the newest body, she continued to retain all the memories of her previous lives, and thus married the Pharaoh and inherited the Scepter of Ka; a device that had been forged to better hone and control the energies of the Ka stone.

As the centuries went by, Meryet continued to reincarnate, always retaining the memories of her previous lives. She used this knowledge, in modern days, to become CEO of a company called Hathor International, where she had spent millions of dollars excavating the pyramid where the Scepter of Ka; where she recovered the item and drew the energies of the Ka Stone into her body. Though her obsession seemed focused on the Ka Stone, there had always been one thing above it; one reason she had wanted to continue to be reborn; to one day find Anath-Na Mut, who she knew also had to be reincarnated just as she had been; and find a way for him to love her, as she had loved him when she first found him.

She used her powers to rewrite the history of the world; one in which she and Anath-Na Mut had bonded romantically and led Egypt into becoming the primary world power. In this alternate reality, she forged a team of Avengers which consisted of alternate reality versions of Thor, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Storm, Iron Man, Captain America (all of which were Egyptian) and Nova (who was still American) – the team names were: Horus, Sceptre, Storm, Iron Man, Captain Assyria and Nova.

A resistance known as the Mutant Liberation Front made a stand against the Sphinxes and eventually, with the help of Sayge (the Embodiment of Truth), managed to restore reality.

When reality was restored, Anath-Na Mut awoke in Las Vegas, without the power of the Ka Stone. During this time, he found a way to drain the powers from super humans (doing so with Silver and Auric of China Force). Auric was killed, while Silver was tested upon. Silver would soon follow her brother in death, however, when the New Warriors with Spider-Man attempted to stop Sphinx, causing the entire building to collapse when Sphinx literally exploded from the energy he had absorbed. Sphinx was reborn again, and this time went after Meryet, in an attempt to regain the Ka Stone energy. He lured Meryet into a trap, and tricked her into releasing her power into him. With the Ka Stone power restored to him, he displaced the New Warriors, scattering them throughout various points in time and realities.

When Sphinx returned to Egypt and created the Temple of Ka as his own Cathedral, Meryet followed and confronted him, where Sphinx drained the rest of her remaining power. Meryet then returned back to the states and helped forge a new team of New Warriors to try and stop Sphinx. With her help, the time displaced New Warriors were rescued, and once again Sayge appeared and showed Sphinx the futility of his life of conquest, and the truth of Meryet’s love. Anath-Na Mut and Meryet joined and formed a single being, where they departed to try and correct their own lives.

The Composite version of Sphinx returned briefly to set things right, in regards to Darrion Grobe and the time displacement he had caused.

Even later, the Anath-Na Mut was later seen, no longer a composite being. While Meryet’s fate remained unknown, it was revealed that she had been the one who had later hired Midnight’s Fire to help Donyell Taylor (who had been posing as the new Night Thrasher) travel back in time to try and save his half brother, Dwayne Taylor, from the events of Civil War. Her intentions remain unrevealed as to why she had wanted this to happen; but it undoubtedly has to do with traveling back in time so that she could regain the powers of the Ka Stone once more.

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 280 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Powers: Meryet had been made eternally to reincarnate via the Ka Stone’s energies; always retaining the memories of all of her previous lives. Because of the Ka Stone, she was able to alter reality in a several mile radius; although, once when she had used the Scepter of Ka, actually created an entire alternate reality. She had projects blasts from her hands and eyes, in various forms of energy, frequency and light. She was able to create elaborate illusions (although this could be credited to actually warping reality itself, more than it was an actual illusion), as well as teleport great distances. The Ka Stone energy also enhanced her strength, allowing her to press/lift 75 tons. The Ka Stone also allowed her to read minds, as well as erase memories (again the erasing of memories could be credited to the ability to alter reality; and thus not truly erasing memories, but creating an alternate reality where such events occurred as she desired them to).

Powers: Meryet’s cat is also granted the power of eternally being reincarnated.