Mad Thinker

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Thinker, Keith Dramn, Dr. Jose Santini
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Professional Criminal Mastermind
Citizenship: United States Citizen With A Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unidentified Sister (Deceased), David (Nephew)
Group Affiliation: Former partners of: Puppet Master, Red Skull, Wizard, Klaw, Egghead; leader of Triumvirates of Terror
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #15 (V1)
History: Very little is known about Thinker’s life, before he became a criminal. One of the rare known facts is that he has a nephew named David, who had gotten too close to one of Thinker’s experiments; and as a result was mutated so that anything that David touched, he incinerated. And this is how, the young ten year old boy, had accidentally killed his own mother; Thinker’s sister.

As a criminal master mind, Thinker was brilliant. He would calculate every possibility and have a response to any given possibility. It was years before the police even became aware of Thinker’s involvement in crime. Thinker united the most powerful gangs and crime bosses and led them on several expeditions that proved extremely profitable to them, and thus earning their trust as a leader. He then used them to create havoc that would split up the Fantastic Four briefly, and allow Thinker to slip inside the Baxter Building (home of the Fantastic Four), where he studied all of the research that Reed Richards had done; especially Reed’s involvement in DNA Manipulation and genetic structure. Thinker created his first artificial structure based on Reed’s DNA experiments, named the Awesome Android. The Awesome Android was able to mimic some of the powers of the Fantastic Four, and had almost defeated them; but the Thinker had calculated down to the very second, when Awesome Android would eventually lose to the Fantastic Four. He stayed and observed the entire battle, and just as he was about to make his escape, he found himself captured by the Fantastic Four.

Almost instantly, Thinker (now dubbed ‘The Mad Thinker’ by the media) escaped and teamed up with the Puppet Master to have the X-Men and Fantastic Four battle one another. Shortly after that, Mad Thinker struck out again against the Fantastic Four, this time targeting Thing and Torch. After that, he went after Iron Man, seeking to learn the secret of Iron Man. He was defeated, and once again, returned to prison.

Thinker again escaped prison, and this time turned his attention to the original ‘Torch’ (who was an android from the Invaders) and created Quasimodo (Quasi-Motivational-Destruct-Organ) in hopes that Torch would fight the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four, and he could use it to explode. However, Torch refused his programming and shut down. Thinker eventually returned to reclaim Torch, but found Ultron-5 gathering Torch and decided to leave Torch to Ultron-5. (Ultron-5 would go on to essentially use Torch’s lay out in the creation of Ultron’s ‘son’ – the Avenger now known as Vision). Instead, Thinker found Torch’s former partner, Toro, and captured Toro.

Thinker would go on to create the Triumvirate of Terror, and gained access to Avengers Mansion to study their technology, only to be defeated by the untimely arrival of Hercules. Thinker returned his attention to the Fantastic Four, and captured and impersonated Dr. Jose Santini, who had been sent there to cure The Thing. Thinker sabotaged the experiment, driving Thing into an uncontrollable rage. While the Fantastic Four pursued The Thing, Thinker gathered all the technology and knowledge he could. He was pursued by Reed Richards, and defeated. But at the same time, he had sent one of his Killer Robots to Baxter Building, which had been displaced into the Negative Zone. This accident allowed Thinker to observe the Negative Zone and gather information about it.

Thinker allied himself with Egghead and Puppet Master, and during the battle convinced Toro that he was the Original Human Torch, and sent him off to battle the Avengers. Toro however, recovered his memories and turned on Thinker, attacking his ship. Toro apparently died in the resulting explosion.

Thinker would eventually test himself against the Fantastic Four, and fail again. However, he discovered his android that had slipped into the Negative Zone earlier had been modified by Annihilus and become extremely powerful; now called “The Scavenger.” Thinker was yet again defeated, this time by Reed Richards of Counter Earth, known as Brute. Returning back to the need for intellectual stimulation, Thinker created a town called Ponder that he populated with androids. He attempted to capture and duplicate Captain America, but this brought on the motorcycle team known as Team America, and together they helped defeat Thinker.

Thinker eventually began doing things behind the scenes. For example, he attacked (and defeated) each of the members of the New Warriors, along with Arnim Zola’s android creation, Primus. He would later confront the New Warriors and explain that he had hoped to learn from them, so that they could help cure his nephew David. Thinker appeared again around the New Warriors, when he kidnapped Cut of the Soldiers of Misfortune and drained him of his memories (for reasons still unknown). He appeared yet again, to assist the New Warriors in battling Volx, a Dire Wraith Queen, in exchange for the neo-nuetralizer, which Volx had created. The gun removed super human abilities, and Thinker had wanted it to use on his nephew David.

Thinker would eventually be captured and imprisoned, but gave his Awesome Android full sentient life, as a part of his escape plan; but Awesome Android adopted the name Awesome Andy and enjoyed his new found independence and turned on Thinker.

Thinker eventually became aware of a sorceress within the Negative Zone named Threska. Tired of his conflicts on Earth, he became romantically involved and devised a plan that would allow him to create a massive break out from the prison that Reed had built within the Negative Zone. Successfully unleashing his plan and escaping into the Negative Zone with his new found love, once Reed recovered his memories; rather than leave the Thinker to escape; Reed tracked him down, brought him back to Earth and imprisoned him once more.

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Powers: The Thinker’s brain is virtually a living computer. His ability to handle extensive amounts of random data and be able to process it nearly instantly is still, to this day, unparalleled. He has also planted a micro-transference unit in his cerebral cortex that allows him to switch to and from robotic and android simulacrums at planetary distances. He is also the world’s foremost expert on computer science, robotics, and synthetic life forms. He also created goggles that give him resistance to any form of mind control, but at the same time allow him to mentally control anyone who gazes at him, instantly.