Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown Citizenship, global criminal record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Leader of Undertow
First Appearance: New Warriors (Volume 1) #53
History: There is very little known about the origin of Protocol. He led a brutal organization called The Soldiers of Misfortune, where, by using various devices, enslaved unwilling participates to obey the very command of the Undertow organization, which often included atrocities and the slaughter of innocent, defenseless African villagers. Some of the members of Soldiers of Misfortune, including Namorita, adopting the name Hard; the villain, formerly known as Sparrow (and girlfriend to Cardinal) became known as Fast; a physicist female with green hair, who became Dark; a female, former professor, became Dry; a male environmentalist who became Cut; a male preacher became Light; a male journalist became Right; and an armored male became Wrong. Each had powers similar to their namesake (for example Dry could absorb all the moisture from the air, or someone’s body; Dark could manipulate the Darkforce; Cut was covered in blades and moved at incredible speeds; Light was able to shoot beams of light from their eyes; and Right had a manipulated right arm and enlarged fist that caused incredible destruction and seemed immune to pain and damage; with Wrong able to distort perception).

Protocol, often referred to by members of the Undertow, as General Protocol, has an individual under his main command, who is an ominous figure, devoid of any features, named General Obsidian. During a mission by the Soldiers of Misfortune, General Obsidian reports to Protocol, that along with the slaughter of seven hundred and sixty five refugees, two of the four Air Force members are dead; with Sparrow in the sick bay, and Cardinal having escaped.

When the New Warriors arrive, the Soldiers of Misfortune engage the New Warriors and seem to be dominating the fight, when Protocol joins the fight as well. The New Warriors are captured; and it’s noted that Speedball has some unusual readings, while Namorita seems naturally resistant to mental conditioning. Nova was the only one to escape capture, and gathers additional members for the New Warriors to attack.

Protocol makes his way down to the Genetic Reinforcer. Just as he commands Kymaera to attack Nova as they burst through the wall. At that moment, Speedball awakens and uses his power to attack Protocol, stunning him only for a mere moment. Kymaera and Sparrow comply and attack, but after a brief moment, Protocol commands them to retreat to the teleporter. When Nova and Cardinal give chase, he slams Nova into the ground; then grapples with Cardinal, cracking and shattering his armor; allowing the ocean water to begin filling it.

Nova flies Cardinal out of the water; and just as he is about to return, the submarine explodes. Nova knows that she got away, along with Sparrow, and the other Soldiers of Misfortune; and as the Warriors leave, he notes that if it takes burning the Earth to ash, he will do it if that is what it takes to find Namorita.

Sometime later, it’s not Nova who finds and rescues Namorita. Inside General Obsidian is speaking with his crew about something appearing on the radar. They’re baffled as to what it could be, because there is no way it’s a school of fish, nor is any kind of known man-made sub that they’re aware of, or else it would be generating more of a signature reading.

As they attempt to figure it out, certain that their hologram will fool whatever it is, they are surprised when several torpedoes strike their ship. Not only that, the torpedoes hit with such accuracy that it knocks out all forms of communication.

Night Thrasher and Rage burst into the ship, and immediately locate Namorita, injecting her to ensure that when she awakes, she would be free of Protocol’s control. From the corner of Rage’s eye, he sees something, but not before the large fist of Protocol slams him into the wall.

Night Thrasher looks around and sees no one, before getting slammed into a wall himself. Quickly realizing the attacker is invisible, he switches to infrared and spots Protocol. Pulling out a gun, he blasts Protocol, sending him flying back to slam into a wall, stunning him. Rage reaches for Sparrow, but Night Thrasher tells him there’s no time and that they have to escape.

When asked how Night Thrasher knew where to find Namorita and Protocol, he explains, with the defeat of Cut, at the hands of the New Warriors, that landed John Sharpe (his real name) in an institution; it was there, Mad Thinker, posing as a doctor, was able to gather information and intelligence about Undertow and their organization, which he then passed on to Night Thrasher.

Height: 8’0″ (Varies)
Weight: 610 lbs. (Varies)
Eyes: Red
Hair: Bald

Powers: All of Protocol’s powers have probably not been revealed. So far, he’s been shown that he’s able to manipulate the mass and size of his body; including the spikes and his razor sharp teeth, to change and adapt with his size. He seems to possess a genius level intelligence as well as incredible strength; neither of which has known limits.